Past Life and Regression Therapy Articles

Resolving Addiction
How regression therapy resolved sex addiction. The source was a current life memory of a five year old boy being deprived of love.

Resolving Unexplainable Pain
Dr Peter Mack is a medical doctor and explains how he resolved the underlying emotions connected to a patient's problem to resolve phantom pain when traditional medicine was unhelpful.

Resolving Chronic Emotions
How past lives and regression therapy resolved disturbing thoughts and powerlessness. One past life involved a medieval woman accused of being a witch, and the other a past life of child who was abandoned.

Improving Energy Levels
How working with the past life story of a ship wrecked sailor who committed suicide helped improve the energy levels of a client.

Regression Therapy Videos - Healing With Past Lives

Resolving Chronic Pain

How unexplainable pain in the hands and arms was cleared with regression therapy from a past life of trying to save orphanage children in a fire.

Resolving a Blocked Menstrual Cycle

How a blocked menstrual cycle was cleared with regression therapy in the past life of a scullery maid who made a vow not to have children.

Discovering Regression Therapy - Part 1

An insight about Regression Therapy from many of the pioneers.

Are Past Lives Real?

An eleven year old boy has an amazing detailed story that appears to be a past life.

Regression Therapy Videos - Moore TV

Life between Lives.

A client and a Regression Therapist discuss how soul memories between past lives emerge while in deep hypnosis, and their profound effect.

Information on other past life videos by the Past Life Regression Academy.