Kevin Haynes

Office: East Cowes, Isle of Wight


Telephone: 01983 297817


Kevin Haynes - Past Life and Regression Therapist - Eastbourne & Newbury, UK

I am a graduate of the Past Life Regression Academy having qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2010 and in Past Life Regression Therapy in 2011. I have always been spiritual; I think I was born spiritual! I used to see and talk to dead people when I was a child and have always been very psychic, however it wasn't until I did my first course with the academy that I began to get into it more deeply.

My aim is to help people to see their whole soul self not just their human existence. Many people in their current life have unexplained physical pain, emotions and feelings but they have no rational explanation for it and it causes them great problems in their life. Regression therapy takes you back to the root cause of these issues and allows the client to explore the circumstances associated with these memories and using the transformational skills in the therapy we can heal the soul over numerous lifetimes.

In the regression therapy sessions I check for unwanted energies that don't belong to the client (spirit attachments) that can block or inhibit the client healing. These attachments accentuate the client's fears and issues. If a client is feeling for instance grief, the client sends out a hook and if the attachment is feeling grief then he can enter the client's body and accentuate the feeling of grief.

I then explore the past lives that relate to these issues and the client learns where they originate from. I then use transformation techniques such as release of old body memories, replay of key events to a more positive outcome and seek guidance and advice from spirit guides and helpers of the learnings from that lifetime. The sessions are usually deeply profound and offer many answers to the client's soul purpose and client's often report a deeper meaning to their lives and feel empowered to change their lives for the better. Usually 1-3 two hour sessions are needed to work through the issue.

My other passion is weight loss. I trained as a fitness instructor before I became a hypnotherapist and regression therapist so I then had the idea of combining the 3 to provide a powerful tool to help people lose weight. My thoughts have always been that if a person is massively overweight it is because there is a deep psychological reason, a trauma in their past, either current life, past lives or both. So we can use regression therapy to go back to the source of the overeating problem. Once this is cleared I use gastric band hypnosis to shrink the stomach for reduced eating. Phase 2 can then kick in by offering weight loss exercise programmes and dietary advice to put the right foods in. On top of that weekly weighting's, video diaries and low calorie recipes can produce fantastic results for the client.

I also run monthly group Past Life Regression Journeys and Stop Smoking Hypnosis.

Life between lives regression explores a client's soul memories between their most previous past life incarnation and their next life incarnation, sometimes referred to the inter-life or "Spirit Realms". Whilst there the client's report meeting spirit guide/helpers who review their past life with them and meeting a group of souls called a "Soul Group" who play out different roles for each other so that they can work through particular life lessons.

The most profound part for the client is often meeting several wise and evolved souls known as "Elders". Your soul's progress is then reviewed by these wise beings and they offer advice and guidance for the lessons that can be learnt in the next life. The session finishes with the soul reincarnating in to the next life, starting out as a baby in it’s mother’s womb.

The Life between lives session lasts 3-4 hours and is normally done as a one or two day workshop. This rare and unique spiritual experience is deeply profound and is for anyone looking to find out about their souls purpose from a higher perspective.

I honour myself with my professionalism and always work intuitively and from the heart. I work in a spiritual shop and from home on the Isle Of Wight and the south of England doing 1 or 2 day workshops. I would love to hear from you and would be happy to see clients who live far away to do a 1-2 day workshop.


Thought I would let you know that Kieran had a fantastic time in Sicily. He had no problems getting on the ferry, coach and airplane. In fact he even said he enjoyed the plane flight, what a difference. Let me thank you again for all of your help, it has obviously made a huge difference to Kieran as he would have never been so calm before a journey before. Let's hope now that he can stay with this positive experience and go forward and enjoy his life to the full as much as possible. He is definitely more relaxed with eating with people as well so all in all you have made a huge difference to his life. Judy