Delwyn Blay
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Bristol
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Telephone: 07957 280 229


Hello my name is Delwyn Blay. I am a Past Life Regression Therapist and Hypnotherapist. I offer Past Life Regression Therapy, Current Life Therapy including Inner Child Work, Past Life Explorations, Hypnotherapy including Parts Therapy and Rapid Phobia Release methods, Spirit Release, House and Space clearing and support for those in Spiritual Emergency.

Whether I am working with a client to resolve a specific issue or with someone who is exploring past lives as part of their spiritual journey, it is always a privilege and a joy for me to join them on their adventure of self-awareness.

As a therapist my main focus is on empowering my clients to uncover the root cause of their problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. I feel this brings not only a more rapid and complete healing but allows understanding of the infinite potential that lies within each and every one of us. I passionately believe that the capability to fully heal any emotional or physical problem resides within everyone and my job is simply to guide my clients to uncover the power to heal within themselves.

Although I have always been interested in spirituality and gained qualifications in Reiki and Crystal healing, I actually come from a background in Medical Science, having worked for over 20 years as a Biomedical Scientist in a Hospital Laboratory setting, before my own extraordinary experience of a past life regression propelled me in the direction of retraining with the Past Life Regression Academy. My own experience was so profound and the healing so complete that I am honoured to now be able to offer the same support and therapy to my own clients.

As a scientifically minded individual who is a natural sceptic, I feel I bridge the often separated worlds of science and spirituality and am equally comfortable working with somewhat sceptical clients as with those who are more esoterically minded.

I work from a calm and comfortable therapy room located in a quiet suburb in the north of Bristol with easy links to the surrounding areas via easy access to the M4 & M5. For more information on what I offer please see my website or give me a call, I am always happy to have a chat.


I have received three treatments form Delwyn and all of them have focused on different deep seated issues that needed healing. I gained clarity and a greater understanding of a particular incident and moment in time. This healing has resulted in a feeling of increased confidence, self-esteem and peace. The other two sessions shed light on why I react and behave in certain ways in this life. Again I took away immense healing and learning from both of these sessions. Delwyn as a practitioner is extremely professional, confident and competent. I felt completely safe and held in these sessions and this allowed me to trust her and the process.” – KA, Bristol

 “What I found really helpful was Delwyn’s openness – she did not stress a certain belief but left it up to me whether I believed in past lives or the body healing itself with stories. It meant that I did not really have to worry about what I was experiencing and what I thought about it but could just take the pragmatic approach of giving it a go. What was absolutely critical was that she created a space where I felt completely safe. I did not feel embarrassed about crying the whole way through and felt able to confront things that were difficult.” – EB, Bristol