Elizabeth Sweetman
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Corsham, Wiltshire
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Email: elizabeth@lifegracewisdom.com

Telephone: 07879 447 631 

Website: www.lifegracewisdom.com

Using the 5 tools of Ayurveda, (diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga and massage) I work holistically with clients to support them through lifestyle and diet changes within the confines of a busy family life – and where clients need to get to the heart of unexplained physical, emotional or spiritual issues, I offer Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing and Spirit Release.


Originally completing my Ayurvedic Therapy training under Dr Deepa Apte at the Ayurveda Pura Academy in London, I soon began to discover how unresolved issues and emotions were affecting my clients’ physical health. Many times I’d find completely forgotten memories tucked away in back pain or unexplained knee problems, tinnitus, eczema etc. etc. These would then disappear as soon as we released the unresolved energy/emotion. This led me to train further with the Past Life Regression Academy under Andy Tomlinson and it has been astonishing how effectively and quickly a combination of Regression and Massage resolve health issues.


I now tailor holistic packages for clients who need a combination of massage therapy, regression and diet therapy – I offer free 20 minute telephone consultations if you would like to explore whether this would suit you.

I am based at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire but can see clients in their homes if preferred for an additional charge.


My Specialisms:


I specialise in Regression and “BODY WORK” — specifically how the energetic systems of the body (which flow through every organ) can become imbalanced by trauma, illness, drugs or simply childhood conditioning (sit still and be quiet!) and occasionally imbalances can originate as far back as the womb or even earlier. Very often the imbalance can be caused by energy NOT belonging to the client — so where clients have a heart-felt connection with someone, they can often absorb that person’s problems or someone’s negative comments for example. If you have any unexplained physical issues I would encourage you to explore Regression as I have seen many clients be completely transformed by this powerful therapy.

Background & Qualifications:


I am a member of the Natural Therapists Association;  The EARTh Association for Regression Therapy and the Spiritual Regression Therapist Association.

My qualifications are:

  • Dip. Ayurvedic Therapies

  • Ayurvedic Food, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation

  • Ayurveda & Pregnancy

  • Dip Regression Therapy & Transformation

  • Dip Between Lives Spiritual Regression

  • Cert. Hypnosis

  • Working with Spiritual Emergency

  • Advanced Techniques in Spirit Release and Curse Removal


Mode of Therapy:​ Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic Therapies.




"I have been working with Elizabeth for some time to resolve a number of ongoing symptoms that have been troubling me for years. In the past I have seen a wide variety of different practitioners but never seemed to get the results that I was looking for. With Elizabeth as my health mentor, she has used her combined skills and practices to go deep in to the root cause of the pains I was experiencing, combining diet recommendations through Ayurveda with recommendations o supplements and herbs, exercise, massage and regression therapy also including spirit release. The results are amazing and are many-fold. I have lost a significant amount of weight and now have a better understanding of personal nutrition and wellbeing. I am significantly more flexible and the arthritic pain and swelling I used to experience are a thing of the past (without toxic medication). My big passion is sailing which I can now enjoy pain free. I look and feel younger and have detoxed many of the chemicals and toxins from prescription medications meaning my overall state of health is significantly improved and my immune system is strong again. I can't recommend Elizabeth highly enough." - Tim, Corsham