Karen Taylor
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- West & South Singapore
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Email: inspirationhealing@icloud.com

Telephone: +65 966 643 22 

Website: www.inspirationhealing.org

Karen is passionate about assisting people to discover their true potential. She enjoys guiding clients on their own unique journey to take that first step towards creating positive change within and without. She has found the loving, healing energy of Reiki, and the support from Hypnotherapy & Yoga, to be a catalyst in her own life and has a passion for passing this on. Her aim is to inspire & empower people to help and heal themselves.

She is fascinated by the unlimited power of our minds ‘if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right’, Henry Ford.

Karen is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist, a Yoga Teacher and a Mum.


I did a Past Life Regression with Karen and wanted to explore a particular relationship issue I was struggling with.  I found the session very insightful not only because I was able to see and experience a vivid past life that helped to answer my questions, but also Karen's skill as a therapist helped me to resolve at a deeper level through the many techniques she used.  She gently guided me through the experience and it was a very profound session. Highly recommended!’ - Elaine


Wanted to thank you for helping me to gain back control over my fear of flying and confined spaces.

In less than 8 weeks I have flown 8 times, 4 flights long haul, was relaxed enough to watch 3 films all the way through, something I have never done before. I now feel even in moments of anxiety that I have techniques in place to help me cope and work through my feelings.  This opens up a whole new world, I am planning to fly from Singapore to England on my own, not something I would have contemplated before your Regression Therapy sessions. Thanks again’ - Nicci

‘I have had the privilege to enjoy Regression Therapy sessions with Karen during the last year. The sessions were meticulously prepared with Karen guiding my thoughts ever so gently to focal points of problem areas that I wanted to address. In each session, I gained specific insights in the root causes of repetitive patterns and behaviours, both in my professional life as well as in the realm of my family of origin. I left feeling centred, well prepared and equipped with a sustainable confidence to maintain myself in upcoming conflicts and confrontations.’ - Richard