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Rick Jansen
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location - Barcelona, Spain


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Given that the human Soul is the very core of our human nature, we might note that, when we are guided by soul, we are guided by nature. Both soul and greater nature do guide us in our individual development, whether or not we ask for this guidance.” (Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul)  

Personal healing & inhabiting soul purpose

This quote says it all for me. Through the deep work of Regression Therapy we actively ask for this guidance of soul and greater nature. And that is what I am so passionate about. For me it is multi-faceted. It is about personal healing and transformation just as much as it is about finding our true place and purpose. When we grow into more emotionally mature, awake and healed human beings we will be able to be found by and inhabit our true place and souls purpose in a more effective way.

It is my intention to offer you a trajectory where you can heal, grow and inspire yourself. So that eventually you can inhabit your unique natural soul-given place, from where you can share your gifts, joy and peace with the world. I believe that it is absolutely necessary in those challenging times that more and more people tap into their souls, their unique gifts and our deep belonging to the Earth and to each other.

Navigating the deep inner waters

It is my joy and honour to walk along your path as a guide. Helping you to navigate the deep waters of your inner world. On this journey you might meet painful wounded or confused parts wanting to be felt and embraced. An inner child might be desperately calling for your attention or perhaps you will be surprised by a strong influence coming from a past life. Whatever it is that surfaces, we will welcome and explore it together and find the appropriate ways to find healing.

The methods used are one or a combination of those: inner child regression, past life regression, body therapy, energy healing, forgivness practices, voice dialogue, deep imagery and soul perspectives (this offers a deeper understanding beyond the personal story).

Besides healing we can call upon your deep intuitive wisdom to support you with questions of meaning and purpose. This can serve you profoundly as an illuminated light shining and clarifying parts of your life´s path.

Offerings in person & online
It is my wish that this work supports you in whatever moment of your life you are. 
You can work with me personally in Barcelona through workshops and 1-to-1 sessions. Online I offer 1-to-1 intuitive wisdom sessions as well. You can find more at my website.

It is a dream to travel and share this work abroad, so if you feel drawn to invite me to your place, I would love to explore the possibility. If you have questions, inquiries or you are a professional wishing for collaborations (like me) do get in touch!

Rick Jansen



"It was hard for me in my whole life to be vulnerable with people. Rick helped me to heal my mind and soul. He is a natural."
-  Viki (Hungary), February 2020.


"Rick is a professional guide. From my heart I thank you for your attunement, softness, safety and all ingredients that helped me to surrender to this process."
- Els (NL), February 2019.


"I was incredibly impressed when I had an inner child healing with Rick. It cleared all my blocked energy and was a profound experience."

- Triona (UK), 2018.

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