Soul Evolution Workshops

Through the Past Life Regression Academy

Soul evolution is helped by understanding that as souls we chose to incarnate on Earth to continue learning lessons that are important to our own personal growth and evolution. We are on a long journey and carry the weight of the pack we bring with us - a pack that holds all of our unresolved past or current-life issues and emotional challenges.

In this metaphor as in life, it is not getting there that makes us wiser or more loving. It is process of freeing ourselves along the way. In fact to arrive without the journey is not to get there at all. The art of letting go allows for beautiful soul evolution and a loving lightness of being.

Why Soul Evolution Workshops?


Soul evolution workshops use past life therapy, regression therapy and other healing techniques taught by the Past Life Regression Academy that are quick and highly effective. It ignites a deep spiritual understanding of the source of our emotional burdens, can transform them, and allows us to move on more freely.


The Academy has over fifteen years experience delivering four day training workshops that have assisted therapists on their soul evolution with amazing feedback. These workshops are built on this and open to all. Working with a small group of similar minded colleagues allows for deep bonds to be created of support and love and understanding while clearing personal issues.


Soul Evolution Workshop Benefits


The benefits of soul evolution workshops could include any of these:

  • Lifting the veil that obscures the heart to discover the divine part

  • Self-empowerment and self-actualization

  • Letting go of unhealthy relationships and developing positive ones

  • Clearing nightmares, recurring dreams, and disturbing thoughts

  • Improved sleep

  • Overcoming panic attacks, fear, guilt, powerlessness and other unhelpful emotions

  • Terminating unexplainable pain

  • Breaking unhealthy patterns and habits

Soul Evolution - Transforming Past Lives Workshop


This workshop is four days in duration and the content includes:

  • Energy management and clearing of energy fields

  • A seminar on how past life regression heals

  • A group intrusive energy clearance

  • Exercises to improve intuition

  • Connecting and communicating with your spirit guide

  • Developing deep bonds and support in a loving group

  • Two personal past life regression and transformation sessions

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