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Regression Therapy and Reincarnation Books

Reincarnation books covering past life and between lives, and regression therapy books recommended by the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and written by its members. 


Healing The Eternal Soul- Andy Tomlinson

A practical regression therapy book that covers the theory and techniques that can help to heal the soul. It is Illustrated with numerous moving case studies. For more information on this past life regression book

Healing Deep Hurt Within- Dr Peter Mack

The regression therapy book narrates how a medical doctor guides a hospital patient through an intense healing journey from the abyss of despair to the freedom from disabling symptoms using regression therapy. Intertwined with the story are insights into the healing techniques, reflections on the therapy and the profound learning gained from a life-changing journey.

Inner Healing Journey- (ed) Dr Peter Mack

The stories of six medical doctors prepared to embrace regression therapy when tradition medicine did not work. Eleven patients were taken to the source of their problem in past lives and experience an amazing transformation. It brings new hope to the public, and inspires other medical professionals.

Life Changing Moments In Inner Healing- Dr Peter Mack

This describes how a medical doctor explored and transformed the past lives of four of his patients to assist in their rapid healing. It is written for the general reader and will also be of interest to medical professionals.

Shrouded Truth- Reena Kumarasingham

This past life book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period and readers are given an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus. It reveals little known events of information of what happened before, during and after the Crucifixion.

The Magdalene Lineage- Reena Kumarasingham

A follow on from Shrouded Truth, this past life book covers Mary Magdalene from the age of six to sixty.  It reveals intimate knowledge of her as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a spiritual teacher. Be inspired by Mary’s life story and teachings that enables both men and women to tap into and empower their own divine feminine.

Divine Consciousness - Reena Kumarasingham 

Following on from Shrouded Truth and The Magdalene Lineage, this past life book journeys with St Paul, whose tireless efforts laid the foundations of one of the biggest religions of all time, and walks with James, the brother of Jesus, who was given the mantle to lead the original Church by Jesus, upon his death.

Healing with Past Life Therapy- Lorraine Flaherty

Providing evidence to the validity of past lives, this self help guide delves deeply into past life regression and offers a thorough understanding of each step of the process. Through detailed transcripts of actual sessions, ordinary people speak candidly about their experiences with this form of self discovery.

Exploring the Eternal Soul- Andy Tomlinson

Using very deep hypnosis the most amazing soul memories surface of the spirit world that awaits us all. Piece by piece it uncovers each step of the journey and is full of illuminating case study extracts. Discover amazing insights that answer a host of universal questions of spiritual, historical and philosophical importance.  For more information on this between lives regression book

Hello Again- Kathy Gibbons

From the time she was a young girl, Kathy Gibbons has had memories of a life before this one—one in which she had already been a “big woman” and undergone a lifetime of tragic events. As many adults do, she eventually pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind, cast away as figments of a childish imagination. Readers will learn the mystifying true stories behind the author’s previous incarnations and hopefully become inspired to discover a few of their own.

Recognitions- Daniela Norris

Amelia Rothman, a foreign-rights editor from New York, has a turbulent personal life. She juggles a divorce and two teenage kids, and decides to seek hypnotherapy to help her deal with insomnia and anxieties. But when during the session an unexpected event emerges, she tries to understand how it is relevant to her current life and why it suddenly triggers a series of synchronicities that take her on an unexpected personal journey to the depth of her subconscious. 

On Dragonfly Wings- Daniela Norris

This is written for laypeople, not just experienced spiritualists or mediums, but anyone who has ever lost a loved one and is curious about exploring further what happened to them and why. It provides practical tools to help readers find their own spiritual truth and path.

Treea's Nature Visualizations- Gaia Giakalli

This is a collection of timeless nature scripts, dedicated to rekindling the soul. They are designed to take you into deep relaxation, connecting you with your inner force, cultivating inner growth whilst harvesting self confidence, and the unlimited potential you hold inside your being.

Mirrors Of  The Mind- Dr Peter Mack and Dr Nicole Lee

This book is an account of a healing and spiritual journey which a doctor herself took to find meaning in her life while under the guidance of another doctor. The tools of meditation and regression therapy were used for healing.Their experiences are being shared from both the patient's and the therapist's perspectives and provide an intriguing account of the workings of the inner psyche.

The Misted Mirror - Dr Peter Mack 

The Misted Mirror has been written specifically to teach mindfulness to teachers and students (13-20 yr) and provides exercises specially designed for practical implementation in the curriculum. School counsellors and parents will also find this book helpful. Five Stars by Readers Favorite review.

Other Books
Masters Of The Spirit World

Peter Jenkins and Toni Winninger compilers of several channeled books from evolved spirits of light called The Masters provide new absorbing spiritual information. 

From The Heart Press

Books from a publisher specialising in spirituality books. 

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera

Heather's healing with a past life regression sent her on a quest of personal discovery and scientific investigation into past lives. Her book Healing the Present From the Past covers the research she subsequently did with over 200 respondents from around the world. 

Carol Bowman

Carol's own experiences as a parent with a child having spontaneous past lives prompted her to write her amazing book Children's Past Lives. 

Ian Lawton

Ian has written several books about past lives and spirituality. His book The Book of the Soul is a wonderful summary of objective research supporting reincarnation and past lives. 

Michael Newton

Michael has written three books based on his research of thousands of client's soul memories while in deep hypnosis. His first and most widely read book is Journey of Souls.

Rob Schwartz

His profound book Your Souls Plan covers ten people's soul contract following a difficult life. 

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