Past Life & Regression Therapist, UK, Birmingham

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Asha Pawar
Past Live and Regression Therapist
Location- Handsworth Wood, Birmingham


Telephone: 07971 296434 

I am a qualified general nurse also having a background in heath promotion and a Masters Degree in the Research Sociology of Health Care and I use a combination of regression therapy, hypnotherapy and energy healing to work with my clients. 

I am as passionate about my own personal development as I am about helping my clients with their own personal journeys. 

Through my life experience I have learnt that life is something that is constantly evolving and things happen to and around us all the time. Sometimes when things happen, whether they are related to health, relationships, work, etc., we may find a way to adapt ourselves to the circumstances even though at a deeper level we are unhappy. Other times we may simply observe patterns in our behaviours, or the circumstances we find ourselves in, and say to ourselves "why does this keep happening to me?" 

Regression therapy I have found, from my own journey, to be a very empowering, powerful and effective way to address the issues that are individual to each of us, and that we may experience and wish to work with. 

My approach at all times is to treat each client with compassion, understanding and non judgement. It doesn't matter what we feel is wrong or right in our life because through regression therapy we are able to discover that all along there were very good reasons for the way things are and were happening in our lives. We discover that things that make up our lives are put there in the way that they have in order to help us. Regression therapy allows us the opportunity and space to explore and work with our lives from this perspective. 

I would be honoured to work with you, whatever and however the symptoms of your life may be drawing your attention to make you question what may be happening to and around you.