Deepak Talwar
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Delhi, India


Telephone: 91-9810071153/91-9999001349 


Namaste (I bow to the divine in you): a usual form of greeting in India. 

I work from New Delhi and Gurgaon, twin cities in the National Capital region of India. Delhi, the Capital and gateway city to India has a civilization going back to 3000 BC and rivalling those of Egypt and Mayan/Aztec in South America. Ancient Indian scriptures describe the secret of human wellbeing and enlightenment as KNOWING ONE SELF. 

Our present is a PRESENT from the Universal energy which surrounds and sustains us. By living and working in the here and now to our optimum capacity, we strive to achieve success, happiness, bliss and joy in our life journey. When our life energies get stuck in the past in form of repressed anger, guilt, worthlessness, helplessness etc. and/or in future worry. In present we are drained of energy and hard put to achieve our objectives. 

To release blocked energies from the past and destructive thought/emotion /physical sensation syndrome patterns in the present I use regression and past life regression therapy with my clients. These therapies go to the source event in their earlier life/lives and unravel the experience leading to creation of a belief system associated with emotions, thoughts and physical conditions. I combine the use of regression therapy with healing modalities such as Reiki and Sahaj Yog, a traditional Indian method of balancing energy flows in the energy vortexes in the subtle human body. My experience, of more than four decades, as an entrepreneur in the business world makes me extra sensitive to objective of achieving mental peace and body health amidst practical issues of stress, time management and economic constraints faced by my working clients in high pressure jobs in tough economic conditions in India. Coming from a business education background I appreciate the normal practical orientation of analytical clients. My goal is to awaken in them the benefits of allowing information from their subconscious to flow to the conscious and shift the destructive energy balance in them, through awareness and widening of perceptions. 

A normal regression session takes about two hours. After the release of blocked energies, I stress upon certain meditation practices and affirmations to be periodically repeated by the client to dissolve the destructive habitual thinking practices and to stop continuous creation of negative energy in the present - as energy follows thought. 

As a child I developed various fear and guilt complexes, which were severe constraints in my motivation to achieve good education standards and a high material station in life. Through meditations, reading literature on spirituality, incantations and sheer will power I was able to break through many vicious cycles of negative thoughts and emotions. I was also gradually able to cure the severe migraines I had. But through regression therapy I was able to dissolve my complexes extremely fast and discover a new purpose to life. 

Today, I have material abundance, have a full family life and discretionary time on my hands. I am learning every day. It will be my pleasure to work with you as you work during sessions with me to be what you are and discover the YOU, whose natural birth right is to eternally live in a state of prosperity, bliss, joy, peace and harmony. 

Qualifications and experience: 

* Clinical Hypnotherapist from American Council of Hypnotist Examiners 
* Regressson therapy graduate from Past Life Regression Academy 
* Master of Commerce 
* Master of Business Administration 
* Past District Governor of Rotary International a leading world wide N.G.O. 
* More than three decades of experience as Owner CEO of manufacturing and export business of metal handicrafts out of India, real estate procurement and leasing, investment in stocks, mutual funds, shares and bonds. 
* Past District Governor of Rotary International a leading world wide N.G.O. 
* Vast experience of counselling in corporate setting. 


My Past life therapy sessions were an unbelievable experience. My life has completely changed. My purpose of taking the session and the problem for why I took this session is almost solved. I am very thankful to Mr Deepak Talwar. By his great effort my life has got a new goal and now I am willing to live my life. Thanks, thanks and thanks to sir.
V.S. a Realtor - Gurgaon, India 

My Past life therapy sessions with Mr Deepak Talwar were extremely therapeutic and rewarding. He made me feel very comfortable during the entire process and was very generous in guiding and counselling me. I would like to thank him once again for this enriching experience. 
A.G. a Social Worker - Delhi India 

DeepakTalwar has really helped me in my current life and past life regression. I feel there is a lot of scope in this therapy to get better in today's stressful and mean world of tensions and body pains. I was having mild OCD, relationship issues, and stress in mind and suffering from superiority complexes until I met Mr Deepak Talwar and after that it was like a magic wand. All is well now and I feel relaxed. 
M.T. a Stocks Investor - Gurgaon, India