Desiree Duclos
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Central, Singapore




An intuitive and perceptive practitioner, Desiree is carrying out her life’s work. She is passionate about guiding others discover and live out their true life's purpose. She employs a suite of different therapeutic tools and leads her clients to live a truly empowered life, by teaching them to connect with their own inner resources. 

Desiree's own un-ending personal learning journey, is what makes her talented in her work with others. Growing up in an abusive and violent home, Desiree battled with fear, anger and insomnia from age 5. She was suicidal, and suffered from depression for over 10 years. Most recently, she experienced intense grief, losing one of her deepest soul mates- her mother- to cancer. Through all her trials, she has emerged stronger and more joyful than ever before, and wishes the same for her clients. 

Desiree's roots lie in design, business, and communications. Her keen understanding of the business and corporate world, coupled with her strong communication skills, adds an invaluable dimension to her work. She remains grounded, and believes in a balanced life, where the spiritual and material world are integrate. 

Apart from Hypnosis, Regression & Past Life Therapy, and Interlife Regression, her spiritual interests and training span a wide range, including, Reiki and energy work, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl sound therapy, spirit releasement, channelling and psychicism. 


I have definitely noticed changes after the session, I'm more comfortable with myself now and don't feel the need to be in solitude and anger more often than not. Regression has helped me unlock many subconscious questions and emotions. I feel freer to express myself without guilt. I don't feel bound by ingrained negative emotions which I thought was "natural" prior to regression. It is a good way to unlock and discover the reason behind repeated actions and behaviour and break free of negative patterns and "peel" back the layers to discover the true "you". 
Desiree did well in the calmness and meticulous dissection and the in-depth care placed in each area of the session. She's a wonderful person with the right vibes and energy that a client can feel comfortable with. Often times, many therapists don't make their clients feel too comfortable as they neglect to cleanse their own emotions and issues before entering sessions with their clients. 
- Camilla, 34, PR Director, Singapore 

Now I have the deep knowing that I'm finally going to start living and achieving my true purpose, my highest potential, and I've never been as excited to see what my next experience will be! Thank you Desiree for accompanying this deep transformation. With you I feel safe and protected, yet powerfully and firmly guided to heal "completely." You are the perfect guide the Universe has put on my path and I could keep talking about the many ways you helped me for not hours, but days. 
- Christelle, 32, Business Manager, France 

Desiree’s methods were so gentle and reassuring that I felt compelled to just relax and allow the experience to take over. She was also very sensitive to my responses in my relaxed state, and guided me very well, so that many sensations (even the minor ones) were felt. 
But the experience was more importantly a concrete avenue for me to help myself reconcile old broken relationships through the ‘speaking’, the ‘physical’ connections. I am filled again with new hope and faith and continue my life with new perspectives. I've also learnt to be more self-confident - before I was too anxious to show my strength in self-confidence but now I feel that I don't have to prove anything; and that I'm on the right path towards my spiritual goals. I used to experience giddiness every morning for the last few years, but this has ceased ever since the therapy. Thank you Desiree, you have converted me to a true believer of PLRT! 
– Meg, 62, Singapore