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Gary Wills
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Gig Harbour and Tacoma, Washington



Telephone: 1-206-618-1651 


My background as a pilot in both the Air Force and the corporate world, along with my twenty-five year career in business management may seem like an unlikely fit for regression therapy. However, these many life experiences, as well as my training in hypnotherapy and as a Reiki Master, allow me to approach the needs of each client from a broader perspective. Clients come to me because they are troubled, stuck in their lives and unable or unaware of what blocks them from true happiness, success, and prosperity. Through my skills in regression therapy, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic programming, and Reiki, I am able to connect with and empower my clients on many different levels offering them a safe and nurturing environment in which to overcome their blocks and move forward in life.

My greatest satisfaction comes from helping others advance along their life path so that they can achieve their goals. I believe strongly in education and because of this, in addition to teaching for the Academy, I present workshops and speak to interested groups with the intention of educating others about the power of using regression therapy to resolve life issues.

In addition to my Diploma in Regression Therapy from the Past Life Regression Academy, I have a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy and am a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as a Reiki Master. 

Whether you are interested in experiencing regression therapy for yourself, would like to participate in a workshop, or have me speak to your group, please feel free to contact me. My practice is located in beautiful Washington State, but I am always open to traveling for speaking engagements. 


“I had not heard of Past Life Regression Therapy until I met Gary and he told me about it and asked if I would be interested in trying a session. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to give it a try. I had not been hypnotized before and was not sure what to expect. Gary assured me and told me I would be aware of what was going on around me and that at any time I felt uncomfortable, and did not want to continue, I could end the session. Without going into huge detail about the events of my session, I will say that as we continued with the first and subsequent sessions, I found myself unlocking areas of my life of which I had no recollection. I could remember emotions, but not the events that lead to those emotions. By the end of our third session, I had a very clear understanding of the events over several lifetimes that had repeated themselves and was able to recognize the ‘triggers’ for the emotions and the physical response my body would take on as a result of those triggers. Gary guided me and helped me choose ‘tools’ of my choice to help me when those emotional triggers come up. I have come to embrace the little ‘me’ that I met during my sessions. Gary was professional and always made me feel safe. I highly recommend Gary and Regression therapy for anyone who would like to explore options for personal growth, forgiveness, moving forward, unlocking blocked memories and a greater understanding of who they are.” 
- D.M. 

“I was very nervous about trying regression the first time because I have an extremely hard time relaxing. I have Adult Attention Disorder (ADD) which makes it very difficult to be calm and focused, but Gary was able to use techniques to both calm me and keep me focused. It was very interesting to visit the many lives I have lived and to see patterns emerge. I had spent years trying to figure out my path in life and how to get past the severe emotional issues that plagued me. But now after doing regression therapy, I have been able to put the emotional issues behind me and finally move forward in my life. I told Gary at our first meeting that all I wanted from him was to know who I was, who I am and who I am going to be. He helped me find all three. I am forever grateful!” 
- F.O. 

“What a wonderful teacher! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy Gary’s past life regression workshop, I learned how important this type of therapy can be for those having difficulty overcoming blocks in their lives. Gary is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of regression therapy and also brought the benefit of his many life experiences (and many funny stories) to the training. He delivered the course information in a clear, easily understood and open manner, including many examples and freely answering questions throughout the day. I won’t hesitate to sign up for other workshops that he might offer.” 
- B.L.