Imane Kurdi
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Nice, France and Central London, UK
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Telephone:+33 4 93 96 46 67 



Hello and welcome to my hypnotherapy practice in the beautiful city of Nice, a stone's throw away from the sea and a short ride away from the airport. It is a great place to step back and take time for yourself, heal old pain and resolve issues that may be holding you back. I also offer sessions in Central London, both for individuals and for small groups. 

I am here to help you. I work from the heart, with sincerity and passion. I use a number of different techniques and methodologies, including hypnotherapy, regression therapy, past life regression, LBL spiritual regression, inner child healing and intrusive energy clearing. I am particularly drawn to inner child healing and find that many issues, from difficult relationships to migraines, are often related to the time in the womb or to early childhood. I work both in English and in French and also run weekend workshops and group meditations in Nice and in London. 

As a therapist, I see my role as guiding clients to free themselves from limiting beliefs. Sometimes we have to dig deep in the past to identify these beliefs, going back centuries and along ancestral lines, sometimes we find them in childhood or in the womb, occasionally we find them in the recent past in events that have marked us. Whatever their source, identifying the beliefs and thoughts that underpin our recurrent emotions or chronic physical symptoms enables us to obtain resolution. Regression therapy – in all its different forms - allows us to transform the past, and with it the present and the future. Like a cloud that passes, suffering gives way to well-being. 

My journey to becoming a regression therapist started with a conversation about soul mates that pushed me to challenge my beliefs about the connections we make with other people. This led me to learn about lives between lives (LBL) or spiritual regression and from there my interest in regression therapy was born. LBL allowed me to understand the essence of my life and obtain answers to long-held questions. Past life regression enabled me to put together different pieces of the puzzle that makes up my life today. Inner child healing enabled me to break free of pain I had been carrying since birth. Each of these sessions created deep healing within me and brought new meaning to my journey. Helping others along their path is now my vocation. 

As well as a certificate in hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy from PLRA, I hold a PhD in psychology from the University of London and an RSA certificate in counselling skills. I am also a certified LBL practitioner. 

Please feel free to call me or write to me for more information or to book an appointment. Until then, I leave you with the inspiring words of Rumi: “The wound is the place where Light enters you.” 


Bonjour et bienvenue. Je suis praticienne en hypnothérapie et thérapeute de régression, avec un cabinet en centre ville de Nice. Je propose aussi des séances à Londres et je travaille en français et en anglais. 

Ma pratique inclut différents outils thérapeutiques tels que l'hypnose, la méditation guidée, la régression en âge, la thérapie par les vies antérieures, la thérapie de l'enfant intérieur et le rééquilibrage ou nettoyage énergétique ainsi que la régression spirituelle vie entre les vies. Ce sont des thérapies douces mais efficaces, qui partent du principe qu'un état de transe permet de trouver la source de problèmes actuels dans des expériences passées et ainsi les surmonter. 

Ainsi qu'un certificat en hypnose et un diplôme en thérapie de régression obtenus à la PLRA, je détiens un Doctorat en psychologie de l'université de Londres. Je suis aussi certifiée par PLRA en régression spirituelle vie entre les vies ou LBL. 

Je propose aussi des séances de méditation guidée ainsi que des ateliers de bien-être à Cap d'Ail, à Nice et à Londres. 

Quel que soit la raison qui vous guide à lire ces mots, je serai ravie de vous aider et de vous accompagner sur votre chemin de lumière. Prenez un premier pas, envoyez-moi un email ou appelez moi pour prendre rendez-vous ou vous renseigner. 

Le clair de lune pénètre dans la pièce à la mesure de l'ouverture,
même si sa lumière se répand partout, de l'orient à l'occident. 


I had been grieving for many months over the tragic death of my husband, unable to accept his absence, the feeling of guilt not parting me and my suffocation from unanswered questions that were playing in my head day and night. I visited Imane to help me overcome my sorrows and pain. 

The result was unbelievable! From the first session, she was able to put out the burning fire in my chest and remove the heavy burden of guilt. I remember, when I left, I got on a bus to pick up my children and the feeling of tranquillity sheltered me, I had finally found peace within myself. 

I found the experience life changing as it brought hope & happiness back into my life. – T.N.