Janet Homan
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Constantia, Cape Town

Email: janet@medac.co.za 

Telephone: 08 28 711 069 

Website: www.janetenergyhealing.com 


Qualifying with a BSc Medical Honours in Dietetics, from Natal and Cape Town Universities in 1994, I began working in hospital settings and finally set up my own private practise as a dietician. This gave me the experience in dealing with a variety of people and their problems. During this time I realised that people needed more than just a diet prescription, but something on a deeper energetic level. This led me into other avenues - The Energy of The Body. 

I studied 2 years of Metaphysical Science through the internationally accredited Meta Varsity in South Africa, followed by a 2 year Energy Healing course, through the School of Intuition and Healing, based in London. Later qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, and Past Life Regression Therapist, through the Past Life Regression Academy in the U.K. Combining my hypnotherapy, intuitive and energy healing skills I provide Energy Healing, Past/Current life, Life Between Lives, Inner Child Regressions, and Spirit Releasement from people, houses and work places. This work allows me to use my passion in truly help others transcend. 

"Those who look outside dream. Those who look inside awaken." Carl Gustav 

Soulful blessings,
Janet Homan 


Janet is a truly exceptional therapist, her enthusiasm, passion and skill with these profound methods of transformation are of a remarkably high standard. She works very intuitively, energetically, professionally and perhaps most importantly from her heart with incredible results. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in strongly recommending her gifts, skills and abilities to anyone blessed enough to cross her path. 
Jennifer Rose
(Therapist, Trainer & Motivational Speaker) 

I have known Jan for these last 2 years. I am so thankful to have met her. She is someone that I can say has INTEGRITY......which is something I've not found a lot of in my life. She has done an enormous amount with me through her Hypnotherapy, Healing and Past Life Regression Session. Plus other modalities. Jan has the patience of a saint!! Her kind, respectful handling of me has taken me from an anxious, insecure, mistrustful, depressed person to a calmer, more rational, trusting, happy person. I now have purpose! She has a lovely sense of humour which I enjoy such a lot too. This has been an incredible journey of self discovery for me and one that has brought me so much peace and understanding. Meeting her has be Life Altering for me (and my family), as life is so much more tranquil now. I can never thank her enough for the new view I have of life......past & present!! A fascinating experience, for which I am eternally grateful. 
Sharon McCarthy 

After my mother's death, 16 years ago, I was given a book on Past Life Regression and it brought me so much comfort and peace of mind. I understood that my Mum, who was a very special person, was still with me and was safe and happy in a familiar place. I wanted to explore this more for myself, and the most important thing was to find a special person whom I could trust and feel confident enough with, to support and guide me through this process, because as my Beloved guide says, his words, "I'm full of nonsense". After many years and reading many books on the subject, I was finally introduced to Janet. I have been working with Janet for 18 months and have been through many clearing processes during our PLR sessions. I trust her and feel safe in her capable and caring hands. Janet is someone I have, and would recommend to anyone who wants to explore and experience Past Live Regressions for the benefit of their Soul's journey, and to understand the choices made for this life. 
Margie Jones