Kim Crosbie
Past Live and Regression Therapist
Location- Breda, Netherlands
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My goal is helping you find your own empowerment and discover your true passions.


I guide your inward journey, like a navigator, through your subconscious to explore your thoughts and feelings. Most of us are not aware that our thoughts are constructed in a pattern form. I encourage you in a nurturing manner to go beyond your fears. I ask the hard questions that no one has asked you before. I do not judge your experiences because only you can walk in your own shoes. I have developed skills and a unique approach that permit me to help you understand the greater picture or overview of how your thoughts have impacted your life. You will gain insights that will give you answers on how to transform your struggles in a practical way.


For more information, please refer to my website.


Bac. Edu, D. Hyp, RT Dip.



'Kim is down to earth, no nonsense but sensitive, intuitive and spiritual all at the same time.' -Babette