Laila Pedersen Krafft
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Hamar, Norway


Telephone: +47 9489 3279 


I am a Transformational worker with 15 years of therapy practice. My office is in Hamar, Norway. The therapies I work with are; Regression therapy, Life Between Lives therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family constellation therapy, Astrological counselling, Counselling for children/youth with special abilities and General counselling. I also give lectures on a variety of therapy subjects. 

In my years as a therapist I have met many clients, each and every one of them a part of my path. In all of them I found much good, I guess they revealed a little of their soul. Both Spirit world and clients have been a great inspiration. 

The journey towards regression therapy started many years ago. I have always known that we are living more than one life. One of the first books I read on the subject was by Elisabeth Haich - Initiation. A wonderful book telling the story about a special incarnation she had and the consequence it has on her current life. One of many inspiring books I read as a teenager. Also there were some personal experiences that confirmed what I knew in my heart. It was just a part of me and I did not think much of it in those years. 

Years later, when I had been an aromatherapist for some time, a client came for aromatherapy. I was just finishing off massaging her legs, and as usual I held the clients ankles lightly in my hands. Out of the blue she started crying, it soon was a full blown catharsis with a past life memory of torture. So I worked with my intuition and common sense, calmed her down and tried to assist as best I could. 

Time passed and more clients spontaneously had past life or childhood regressions during massage. I tried to the best of my abilities to help them, but knew that what I gave was not enough, that I badly needed relevant training. So the search began. One day a good friend recomended one of Michael Newton's books. It was the spark I had been waiting for. After reading about L.B.L. (Life Between Lives therapy) my future goal became to assist people in learning more about their soul. 

At the Regression Academy I trained in hypnosis, regression therapy and L.B.L. resulting in gaining incredible tools and insights. This is surely the therapy of the future as it allows us to see the deep connections between our lives, the patterns they have, connecting the people around us. Through regression therapy and L.B.L. you can, amongst other things, transform unwanted issues. Also you become grateful of the challenges and joy the universe brings knowing it is part of the lessons we all need to develop into truely spiritual free beings.