Nea Walters
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Secret Harbour, Western Australia


Telephone: 0424 872 431 



My name is Nea and Mind Body Solutions is where I offer a range of services aimed to help people in their healing and/or current life journey. My approach is to work with the whole person facilitating them in connecting to their soul self and accessing their spiritual knowing. This helps the person in the healing process of their mind and body or simply supports their growth and development in this life. In order to do this, I work in partnership with the person and offer a range of therapy options such as past life regression therapy, life between lives regression, counselling and hypnotherapy. The practice is based in a comfortable setting in the relaxing coastal surrounds of Secret Harbour, Western Australia. 

I am a qualified Social Worker having been employed in different work areas for over 15 years centred around supporting people with their emotional and mental health, well-being and relationships. Within my working roles I always use a strengths based approach, one founded on true partnership with the client and then facilitating them in self-empowerment through utilising a range of intervention approaches that I have trained in and/or developed skills in over the years. I have supported children, young people and adults who have experienced a range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma experiences, relationship issues and associated problems such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts/behaviours and poor quality of life. Having been on my own spiritual journey with a relish for reading the research in this area; I know that research suggests that spirituality is an important protective factor for mental health and I believe that approaches that do not take this into account are lacking a vital tool. I therefore completed training in spiritual regression therapy techniques that added to my existing knowledge and skills allowing me to work with the whole person: mind, body and soul! 

One of the many benefits of spiritual regression therapy techniques is that everything comes from the client; my role is simply a facilitator. Client feedback and outcomes from spiritual regression techniques are phenomenal. I feel truly blessed to have been given this life path of supporting others through their life journey and am touched by those who share their 'life' stories with me. 

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I went to see Nea because my anxiety was beginning to control my life, it was becoming overwhelming and I was having Panic Attacks. I had been to a Psychologist and Counsellor but nothing seemed to change the way I felt. The past life regression therapy was an amazing experience and after my sessions with Nea I now feel more in control and definitely less anxious. Nea is very approachable, caring and patient. I would definitely recommend past life therapy with Nea I can't thank her enough for helping me through my anxiety issues. 
Emma, Canningvale, Western Australia. 

This was my first LBL ever, although I have had experience with PLR, LBL is such a different experience. I did have expectations about visiting the afterlife, as I read a very beautiful book 'Testimonies of Light' many years back. My experience was nothing like it. As you are guided through the process, you are going on a journey to meet who you are, when you are a light body. The realms of light are so loving and non-judgemental that you wonder why do you ever leave? It was very revealing how the afterlife is very much connected to ones current life. Your essence is basically the same and even what you are striving for. Just much more effortless and enjoyable. I found it fascinating that when you meet the elders how they are actually giving you such precise and meaningful answers to your questions. And though they are speaking through you, the energy is definitively different to your own, so much more powerful. Nea is a very thorough and experienced therapist. She is non-judgemental and flows with your story. I found that very re-assuring, as there are many therapists out there, who are imposing their views on you. I feel very safe and cared for by Nea. LBL is a once in a life time experience and I recommend it to anyone, who would really would like to gain deep insides in their current life situation, and life overview. 
Nadja, Tasmania.