Neeta Sharma
Between Lives Regression Therapist
Location- Delhi, India

Office: Anjul Jyoti - Holistic Wellness Centre, 
Delhi, India 


Telephone: +91 98710 81975 


Neeta is an alternate medicine practitioner - certified Life Between Lives Regression therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spirit Releasement Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Counsellor, EFT Practitioner, Advanced DNA Theta Healing Practitioner, Abundance & Manifestation Practitioner & Teacher, Aura & Psychic Reader, Dream Analyzer, Reiki Master-Healer-Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master-Healer-Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Family Constellation Therapist, Dolphin Healing Practitioner, Angel Therapist. In addition she has received training in the Heart Breath Meditation from Dr. Paula Horan, Anchoring Light with Crystal Skull with Star Johnsen-Moser and attended various workshops on Transpersonal Regression Therapy with Dr. Hans TenDam from Tasso Institute, Netherland. 

She conducts professional training programs in Reiki, Karuna Reiki and workshops on self hypnosis, stress and anger management, goal achievement, karma cleansing and soul healing. 

Neeta believes that body has innate ability to self heal. Alternative therapies particularly regression are amazing holistic tools to facilitate healing and bringing inner peace in order to achieve harmony and balance between mind, body and soul for joyful living. 

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience."