Phillippa Kanini-Parsons
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Streatham Hill, South West London


Telephone:  0754 383 6686 



I have just started my hypnotherapy practice but my life working with others as they seek to improve and enhance their lives has been a life time in the making. I enjoy spiritually based exploration of the self as I strive to move through life embracing the fullness it has to offer. I am lucky to be a descendent of four generations of wise women in my maternal family and I was brought up with a solemn respect of ancestors and the spiritual world. In this, my journey to hypnotherapy has been one of knowing but not seeing, hearing but not listening, acknowledging and acting on those nagging voices would take its time.

I initially trained in Interior Architecture and History of Art gaining a joints Honours degree in 1988. Working in design brought me lots of joys and fun, designing the built environment has an effect on the physical wellbeing of the body which is essential overall. My designs are both in the UK and Australia. 

Although, I taught Interior Design as an Adult Education lecturer RMIT Melbourne MA programme; in 1992 at the start of my design business; it was in 2001 back in the UK that I trained as a Design & Technology teacher formally. I have worked in secondary education ever since and working with young people rejuvenates the optimism in the core of all of us, balance and happiness. Moving through to Middle Leadership quite quickly allowed me to work on another level with students and their wellbeing. However, whilst volunteering at 2012 I met a range of different people from all walks of life and I started to wonder “There is definitely more to this life and its time I get motivated.” 

My father and mother worked on a spiritual level with other people and so our house was awash with people coming and going and it was to this I felt ready to return to. My father said at last, but what and where. Following learning about Tarot in Australia I knew that was not my route. At the Psychic College in Kensington I signed up for a regression workshop and I was hooked. It all made so much sense but I was in the middle of living between Melbourne and London so I had a room converted into a therapy room for other therapist to work from whilst I was away. But the room was not for them as they could not operate with the energy as a therapist and that it was for me. So my journey began, I work with mediumship, and Chi Centred Art in addition to my Regression work. 


'That was so nice to speak with him again. ‘Wow live in the moment! That guy said that to me all my twenties, he was so right; when did I change, when did I lose me?’ Thank you Phillippa this has been a long time coming.’
K.H. - Worcester Park. 

'Thank you for the session yesterday, I am not a person for affirmations but these came naturally from me and my guide. So I will write them onto real balloons and have them in the room. Then I will photograph them over the weekend and I will have them as a screen-saver.’
M.R. - Putney 

'Hi Phillippa, the session has been incredibly helpful; You have helped me in seeing things more clearly and now I have a better sense of direction. You are doing an amazing and I hope you spread your light far and wide to those who seek and need it.’
Naila - Streatham, London 

'Fear of Flying - 'It feels good, my shoulders feel really relaxed, wow, I have a tingly feeling, and it’s good.' Initial response when she arrived home in New Jersey. 'We’ve arrived and I have never felt so calm, we went through turbulence and I wasn’t my usual self. You know grabbing on TO THE SEAT, nothing, absolutely nothing. I felt really good, just calm. I am off to bed now but I will phone you to give you more feedback but I just wanted to let you know.’
Donna - New Jersey, USA 

'Smoking Cessation - 'I’m in danger of sounding repetitive, still not smoking. Still not smoking and I have noticed slight changes from when I packed up smoking before using the patches. I previously still quite enjoyed the smell of ciggs, not so this time.’
E.L. – Putney, London 

'Wow, I couldn’t believe I went back to my birth and hearing the nurse coo over me!’ how special.” “I had a fear at the beginning that I might not like it or it would be a mistake, but it wasn’t. It was an honour to be your client. I hope we will be able to work together again before too long.’
S.P. - Bangkok