Purnima Bullee
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Hailsham, near Eastbourne, East Sussex

Email: thebluedoortherapy@gmail.com 

Telephone: +447878791187 

Website: www.thebluedoortherapy.com


Sometimes it may feel like you have no control of your thoughts, feelings or actions. For all the challenges that we face today, there is a root cause behind it. Becoming aware of the root cause is central to resolving our issues. 

Rather than focus on the symptoms manifesting on the surface, my aim is to take you to the root cause of the presenting issue. As you become aware of the root cause, you will also see that you do have a choice: Not only to let go of that experience but also to create a new one. 

My approach to therapy takes an expansive and all-encompassing view on all aspects of the human existence, from your simplest needs and struggles to achieving your true potential. 

Combining hypnotherapy, regression therapy, counselling and healing, this journey invites you to look deeper within, to reconnect with the part of you that knows what is right for you, to self-heal and to gain greater control of your life. 

Many years ago, my journey started with an existential crisis fuelled by a search for meaning and purpose. A search for that part that remained unaffected while everything else changed. In essence a search for my anchor - which led me to the realisation that this anchor is not external to us but within. This crisis, later named as a spiritual emergency, has brought some profound insights into man's search for fulfilment. That the visible outer struggle with life challenges and his surroundings may be rooted in the deeper inner struggles that stay hidden and unattended to. 

As a counsellor and regression therapist, I work intuitively with no judgements or assumptions. You set the agenda and the pace and we will work to reach the best possible resolution.