Rebecca Schweder
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Malmo, Sverige


Telephone: +46 (0)730 392333 


An early interest in the human psyche and spirituality first led me into the realms of philosophy and the great, metaphysical questions. I hold a Ph.D in theoretical philosophy; my dissertation is on scientific explanation. Eventually I came to realize that the onesided focus on rationality and logic leave out much of the essential and important aspects of human nature. 

By coincidence I came into contact with regression therapy some years ago. It was a fundamentally transforming experience, and I came to realize that there is no contradiction between spirit and thought or between rationality and insight. 

I see it as my higher purpose in this life to combine intellectual clarity with intuition and compassion, and to help others overcoming obstacles to the deeper understanding of themselves. Regression therapy is an outstanding tool for solving emotional knots, to reach forgiveness and to establish contact with our true feelings of joy, love and compassion. 

As a regression therapy practitioner I can assist people to embark on their own spiritiual journey.