Past Life, Regresion & Between Lives Therapist, Singapore
Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Munich


Telephone: Singapore +65 918 22 908 and +65 6644 3389 



Sheela is a graduate of Past Life Regression Academy UK with certification in Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression. She also holds a certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from NeuroLeadership Group USA. 

A lawyer by training, Sheela took a leap of faith to go into complementary therapy, which subsequently became her passion and profession. Combining logic and intuition with out-of-the-box thinking, she now helps clients find alternative ways to tackle their life challenges. 

Sheela runs her own practice in Singapore and periodically provides consultations in Munich and Kuala Lumpur. For more information, please visit her website at 


I have been very lucky to have met Sheela at a very low point of my life, when everything seemed to be falling apart; my relationship was a disaster, I had financial problems and had to relocate to another country. As I was on a short visit to Singapore, Sheela kindly fitted me in at very short notice. I have explored past life therapy before and thought I knew what to expect, but Sheela’s session was by far the best and what I experienced blew me away. Since realising the causes for my problems and having that extra knowledge, my life has turned around. My relationships have improved, my health got better and my finances are again back on track. 
PW, Singapore 

I have had the privilege of doing two past life regression sessions with Sheela Zeidler. I have been studying psychoanalysis for several years, as well as being in analysis. What I experienced in the work with Sheela was a confirmation and deepening of the work which I had already begun. The work with Sheela brought me in direct contact with the highest part of myself. From this place, I was able to get insight into my soul's true purpose, the nature of my present relationships, and what I am here to accomplish in this lifetime. The insight I gained during the sessions also has had a profoundly illuminating and healing effect on present relationships which were stuck and quite difficult. Sheela is patient, empathetic, and extremely respectful of the process. The work with her has increased my intuition and trust in myself. Thank you Sheela for all of the gifts and insight you have brought me! 
HH, Munich 

I have been doing the Past Life Regression therapy with Sheela for more than a year now and realized dramatic changes and improvements in my daily life with my family as well as my personality. Before starting the sessions I was very skeptical but have to admit, that - with the opportunity to recall experiences from the past - the challenges of my today's life seem to get solved much easily. These sessions are very precious to me, since I now see my life - the past and the present - in a totally different light. 
CJ, Singapore 

The Hypnosis & Regression sessions with Sheela spread over a period of several months helped me extremely. Through the move from another continent to Singapore I had been very exhausted and not well-anchored. A combination of these sessions supported me in regaining my strength and confidence. I have been better able to reorganize and prioritize my consultancy work even in stressful situation, unlike previously. I have also started to positively acknowledge my own personal achievements. Before, I used to take on too much workload onto myself and felt like a failure when I was not able to complete it within a day. Now no more. 
SA, Singapore 

The regression sessions with Sheela have been incredibly helpful in dealing with the death of my husband. They have helped me accept what happened as well as finding a way to deal with the great emotional turmoil that comes with bereavement and grief. Over these two years Sheela has been so supportive and caring. I'm very grateful that we met. 
KH, Germany 

My sessions with Sheela have become my escape into another time, another life. They have become my new found old self of forgotten knowledge and skills. And of course these sessions can be as timeless and infinite as time itself. The discoveries I have made for myself and my family are preciously rare and unfound in a simple state of mind and being. I cherish and crave every session and realize every time of how profound our souls and minds can truly be.
Thank you Sheela, for giving me the opportunity to step back into myself and return more whole, more confident, more capable and more aware of my true infinite self. 
Kathy, Singapore/US 

I appreciate Sheela's work and her way in conducting the regression sessions I had with her. Her legal background gives her the edge of being a thorough investigator in different aspects of the session. Her natural curiosity and deep connection with the energy realm helps her to leave "no stone unturned". In the sessions, I was able to release an old but persistent emotional and physical issue and as a result, I feel balanced and at peace with myself. 
CM, Singapore 

The coaching experience (combining hypnosis and regression) with Sheela was fantastic in that it showed me I could reach my goals of having my own business. Things always became clearer when I talked to her. She showed me that I can be good at something, even from a professional perspective. I know now what I want to do. 
ME, Singapore

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