Shirley Tay

Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- West, Central Singapore


Telephone: +65 9199 2684 



Shirley is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner and has a Diploma in Regression Therapy and is a Certified Practitioner in Meridian Therapies (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies (AAMET), United Kingdom. 

Having been involved in the flow of her own healing process and a strong believer in holistic healing, Shirley was drawn to help others by teaching Reiki and EFT as a self-healing tool to apply in their daily life to manage their emotions and challenges more effectively. 

In addition to teaching Kundalini Reiki and EFT, Shirley offers healing sessions through Energy Healing and Regression Therapy. 

Shirley specialises in : 

a. Healing Relationships 
b. Healing Emotional issues and Blockages 
c. Overcoming Stress, Fear and Anxiety 
d. Coach and Guide others through Change Management 


When Shirley first spoke to me about Past Life Regression (PLR), I was highly sceptical and did not believe that it worked and that there was any basis for its authenticity. After all, it is a bunch of words that someone says and you could convince yourself of what you want to hear right? 

Furthermore, I was not someone who used my feelings a lot. All my decisions, including personal ones involving others, were always logical choices which could be reasoned and made sense of. 

I was going through marital issues and had always felt emptiness in my relationship. I happened to meet Shirley at this time and found her easy to confide in. As I had already tried different methods to save my relationship, I felt that I had nothing to lose by trying out PLR. 

For a highly logical and sceptical person, I was amazed at how quickly I fell into a dream state and Shirley was able to patiently guide me into that stage and draw out my PLR visions. My experience was more of watching a movie of my past life; while it did not give me a complete solution to my problem, it allowed me to see things from a different perspective and understand why I felt a certain way about some personal issues. 

The PLR itself was like watching a hazy movie; the only difference was that I personally identified with the main character (which was me in my past life) and I felt what he felt at a very deep level. At one point, I even cried during the PLR, which must have meant it was a feeling I had felt before. Some of the characters in my past life felt like some of the characters in my current life which made it easier for me to understand the current events in my life. It wasn't that the characters looked like my current life characters; it was that they felt like my current life characters. 

After the PLR, Shirley also walked through with me about my experiences and feelings and what it meant to my personal life. She did not specifically give me a conclusion, but she asked the right questions for me to make sense of the visions and make a choice in my life. 

After the PLR, I also began to use my feelings and emotions more in my personal life to make the right choices. Although this may have meant more difficult choices which may seem illogical or giving up on easy choices in life, I was convinced through the experience that following one's feelings are definitely the better way to go in one's personal life. - KC