Suzie McKinnell
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Bournemouth, Dorset


Suzie's journey has come round full circle. Her mum emigrated to Africa when she was 7 and for the next 20 years she lived in Rhodesia and South Africa. She was brought up in a very spiritual home, her mum being a medium and clairvoyant. She attended circle and was deeply involved in all things spiritual. 

When she came back to the UK and had her second daughter she decided to look more into the scientific side of the human journey and studied Adult Psychology. After completing her 3 year diploma, she became a Samaritan, a facilitator for Dorset Action Against childhood sexual abuse, and is a volunteer for Victims Support. Suzie feels strongly about childhood abuse issues and as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse is happy to lend her time and her heart to anyone who has undergone a similar journey. 

When Suzie started at the Hypnotherapy 4 day Training event led by the lovely Hazel Newton, it was initially to help relax clients. She had no reason to believe that the lovely souls she began her journey with that day in Bristol would end up being part of her road back to Spirit and Soul via the amazing Regression Academy. 

She is an NLP & Life Coach practitioner, and trained at the Institute of Clinical Psychotherapy as a Weight Loss counsellor. 


Suzie is always there to listen. Her smile and optimism is catching and you never feel she is just doing a job. She really does radiate a fabulous aura and made my difficult situation so much easier to share. The regression session was intense but I felt she was with me all the way and she guided me towards a real feeling of freedom, something I had not had for a long time. - Alison L. Chippenham.