Tania Dionisio
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Armadale, Victoria

Email: mail@taniadionisio.com.au 

Telephone: +61 0406 335 050 

Website: www.taniadionisio.com.au 


I have been a professional intuitive healer since 1997, which was prompted by a life crisis evolving into physical illness. From this point I began my spiritual and healing journey resulting in transforming my whole life and completely healing the illness. Since then I have fine tuned techniques to empower others to heal themselves, to live life consciously and authentically. I use all the skills and tools to navigate my life, so I give them to clients with great assurance. 

I am blessed to have recently travelled for two years around the world on a spiritual journey. During this time I observed and engaged with various cultures, religions and ways of living. I participated in regular meditation retreats (kriya yoga), pilgrimages and treks and furthered my studies in mindfulness at Tushita. I worked closely with a master on my spiritual practice and visited numerous masters from the major religious and spiritual traditions in Indian, Nepal and Tibet. Some of my greatest learning was from beggars, homeless children and local people. I had an enriching experience volunteering as a counsellor and art therapist in Malaysia, and practicing counselling, hypnotherapy and reiki in Thailand. My interest now is bringing the wisdom of these experiences into my practice. 

My qualifications include a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy and Certificates in Hypnotherapy, Regression and Past Life Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression, Reiki Master (Shambala & Seikem) and Pranic Healing. I'm a professional member of the Australian Counselling Association, and Spitual Regression Therapy Association. 

The modalities I use include Counselling, Art Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and Spiritual Healing. I work holistically using a client centred approach, choosing the modalities appropriate to your needs and preferences. I also teach mindfulness, and self awareness techniques. I conduct Art Therapy workshops and Shambala Reiki courses.