Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Amsterdam

Email: tiziano@past-life-regression.net 

Telephone: +31(0)650628595 


I hold a Master's Degree in Communication Sciences with a specialization in Cognitive Sciences. I've always been interested and intrigued by life's big questions, by the nature and meaning of all forms of life, and my personal path experienced a sudden twist about 5 years ago. As soon as I started reading the books and the researches by the pioneers of Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Regression I realized that that was the direction I had to follow. This approach provides solid answers to many of these important and fundamental questions, and is a tool that can be used to help others in solving their problems and in being attuned with their higher selves. 

After years of intense study, practice, and personal experience with Regression Therapy I am presently seeing clients in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I work with Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy, and my main objective is to help people get in contact with their inner wisdom, with their immortal soul. It allows them to tap into memories of past and present lives that can help solve current problems, heal traumas or broaden and deepen their understanding of issues they are experiencing at the moment. 

I have a rational and grounded approach towards spirituality and I treat my clients with deep empathy and sensitivity. I am originally from Italy and I offer sessions in English, Italian and Spanish.

I look forward to hearing from you.