Tracey Ward
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Location- Nottinghamshire


Telephone: 07914 800278 


Even when I was very small I was interested in healing and knew that I wanted to help people. My career in health started off in the NHS and progressed to Acupuncture in 2003. I became fascinated in the causes of dis-ease, realising quickly that ill health was in no way random. 

Acupuncture as an energy medicine led me to a greater knowledge of the role that emotions play in creating illness - but there was still something missing for me, I wanted to understand more of why physical and emotional issues arose for some people. 

A series of synchronicities led me to the Past Life Regression Academy and it was this training that transformed me. The training gave me a much deeper perception of what we are as human beings and how we ‘hold’ onto our experiences, both from this life and past lives 

Past life and current life regression therapy accesses some of our deepest layers and the healing that comes from a session can be profound and transforming. 

I am privileged to be able to offer this therapy from my clinic in Nottinghamshire - please phone or email me with any queries you may have.