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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


New Dehli


Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +91 9811 047 587


Blossom Furtado is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Counsellor, Teacher and Trainer.

She trains and facilitates individuals to explore and discover themselves using Deep Inner Reflection, Exploration, Regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Inner Child Current Life Resolution and Past Life Therapy tools.

Her specialization is in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy, Clinical Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Spirit Release Therapy, Theta Healing, Energy Balancing Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Inner Child Work.

She is a teacher and trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Trainer and presents a number of workshops on self-development for all.

She is the founder trustee of Empowerment and Holistic Healing Foundation which presents wellness workshops to cancer patients, their caregivers and families. She is also the founder and president of Aikya The One, a company founded in 1995 that presents workshops on self-empowerment to corporate organizations, schools, NGOs and other institutions. Blossom is the founder director of The Hypnotherapy School of India founded in 2000 which teaches Hypnotherapy, Regression and Past Life Therapy and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy facilitating people to reconnect to themselves, be their own gurus and heal themselves.

The Hypnotherapy School of India hypnotherapy courses are accepted and validated by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the UK.

Blossom Furtado is the author of Holistic Living: Liberating and Integrating the Total Personality – Through Life Changing Transformational Techniques and Therapies.

She has impacted the lives of many students through ‘Towards a Drug Free World’ workshops conducted in schools on what drugs do to your body.

Blossom has trained and worked with a number of masters from across the universe, combining her knowledge of metaphysics with her current learning to present her teachings. She also conducts training and therapy to create awareness, bring about an understanding, enabling the individual to experience their own resource, resolve their issues and take action to balance. She helps harmonize and impact your life to live effectively, productively remaining calm, peaceful and happy at all times.

She has her own healing centre in Gurgaon and works with Associates in Noida – Bangalore - Chennai – Kolkata – Calicut – Dharamshala – Cochin – Dehradun – Pune – Allahabad - Jaipur and travels all over India to train therapists and work with clients.

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