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Past Life and Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Dorset, Wareham


Offers therapy in person


Phone:07508 912838 and 07521 663218


When I was in my teens, I realised that I was aware of spirit presences around me, in my home and elsewhere. In my twenties, my interest in spirituality grew, after I left my body twice; and whilst up there in the stars a light being spoke to me, and filled me with love to sustain me.

Since childhood I spontaneously knew things about people; it just happened, and they were astounded when I told them what I knew. How could I possibly know that? I just did. I read peoples’ energy fields and knew what was there too. I spontaneously knew what people did for work, and what had been going on in their lives. From my teens total strangers just homed in on me and bared their souls, somehow sensing that I was receptive, that I listened, and that I was non-judgemental.

At 28 I spent 9 months wanting to die and yet was unable to, and could not function. Dark night of the soul was what that was, my very own spiritual emergency. I left a job that had me wanting to die. I left an abusive relationship that had me wanting to die. My father died, and with that came freedom from control he exerted - remotely.

I wanted answers. A book gave me the answers. It cried out to me from a shelf in Waterstones in Bournemouth - “read me!” When I acted on that book’s synchronistic, providential message, I went into 12 step fellowships, and it saved my life after the trauma of childhood. Feedback from people in meetings was that I was a good listener, supportive, and validated their emotions and thoughts. In addition to those meetings, I spent 12 years working with a psychotherapist – family of origin and adult work.

Through workshops, I checked out rational emotive therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and inner child work. Inner child appealed to me, whilst the others did not. I was searching… Somewhere was an avenue for me…

During this time, in 1990, someone told me that I was a natural spiritual healer, and how to prove it to myself. When I did the experiments, sure enough, healing energy flowed. I could feel the warm, tingling energy flowing out through my hands and people lost their headaches, stomach aches or pains.

After this, I read and learned even more about spirituality, and about my innate gifts. I did some reiki training in 2002. After that, I realised I wanted to help people heal, whilst having no idea how.

On a trip to New York in 2003, another of those providential books turned up, synchronistic, when I was at a crossroads. I needed to leave a job, a relationship, and a country… On reading the book, I knew just what sort of work I wanted to be doing. Mind you, I did not read that book on karmic relationships until 2008. Because too much was going on, I simply forgot that book, until I got out of workaholic mode and allowed myself a life again.

Doing psychotherapy or counselling did not appeal to me. It was all the reading on past lives, past life regression and current life regression that fired my imagination, particularly the book on karmic relationships. I was inspired to work with those hidden wounds from past lives…

I looked for courses related to this… The only one I found that looked suitable had been discontinued. I didn’t fancy the rest, all of which seemed to be ‘clinical’. What I wanted was beyond that limited view…

I kept looking… I found nothing… And again I was tied up, this time with work-related training on top of the work, because it was required just to keep the job. After that finished, 3 years on, I started reading again on matters spiritual. The fired imagination about doing past life work remained…

When, in 2014, my girlfriend at the time said she could not understand why I was not doing something in line with my gifts, and with my imagination… I started searching again. All it took was a video online and the inspiring talk of an unassuming man, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

After a tough start, when I was overloaded, through doing the workshops and case studies, I realised that this was for me. Regression therapy was flowing, and it was like I was born to it by the time I graduated. And I was fired up yet again, because when I read about, did workshop work on, and also did case study work on removal of intrusive energies… I knew this was a specialisation for me, as well as part and parcel of regression work. So further reading and workshops awaited on that area…

I have done tarot reading since my teens. I also discovered that I could read peoples’ jewellery. And a couple of years ago I became aware that I could read photos of people just like I could read people themselves.

And… a rich life means that I retain my interest in spirituality, psychology, reading, live music, creative writing, being out in the wilds, photography and wildlife conservation.


Charles is very good at regression therapy. I am proof of that. - Y, in Trinidad.

His confidence and rapport put me at ease. - F, in Bournemouth.

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