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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist




Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +62 878 62063981


Esther’s passion is to help you clear the blockages that stand in the way of manifesting the life you deserve and in realising your full potential and true magnificence. Past Life Regression therapy reprograms your subconscious awareness so that you may remember your truth and feel empowered, abundant, joyful and free!

Esther is an internationally accredited and highly qualified Past Life Regression therapist, Between Lives Spiritual Regression therapist, experienced Reiki Master Teacher and gifted Spiritual Channel, offering Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Soul Guidance, Soulful Abundance Activation, Inner Child Healing, Reiki Healing sessions and Reiki Certification Courses at her holistic practice in Bali and online as her clients live all over the world.

To read more about her personal regression story:


“Potent Beyond My Wildest Imagination”
I could thank Esther a thousand times over, as what we co-created in our session was potent beyond my wildest imagination. This is Esther’s super power, to go beyond this tactile world that we often get very ‘stuck’ in and transcend to new dimensions that serve your highest good in this every day! The best and most beautiful recommendation I can give and what I loved the most about our session is although it is past life regression therapy Esther’s focus is always aligning the teachings to this current life. Ensuring that you are blossoming in the here and now. Ensuring that you are opening to your best self and shifting limitations in this life. It’s all quite a spectacular gift yourself. This life feels more clear, conscious and I as a person feel more confident weeks after the session.
- Stacey W. Australia

“Truly Astonishing”
I’m extremely grateful for the profound changes that took place after my Past Life Regression with Esther. With an impressive sensitivity and heartfelt guidance, Esther led me deeper and deeper into the vast space of my subconsciousness and a past life that was truly astonishing to re-experience. I felt being in a very safe space with Esther and fully trusted her intuitive guidance.
Fears and doubts about myself that I’ve carried through my life have faded away ever since, abundance issues started to resolve themselves and a deeper understanding of my whole being helped me to let go of false images and limiting beliefs.
I highly recommend working with Esther and I express my deepest gratitude for the beautiful work she’s doing. Thank you!
- Jakob H. Austria

“Truly Life Changing”
Esther, thank you so much for the truly life changing session. Connecting to my soul in my Life Between Lives session with you was so powerful! I feel I know who I am more clearly, I feel safer in my body, and I now know more deeply why I'm here in this life. In the days since our session, I've noticed so many great shifts in truly embodying more self-worth. All the insights about my purpose and my gifts during the session were just remarkably helpful. I'm so grateful for your support in guiding this Life Between Lives session.
- Noah E. USA

“Deeply Impacted”
I am so grateful for everything that Esther has helped me to work through and overcome. She has an innate ability to build trust and put both my conscious and subconscious mind at ease to work through an emotionally intensive life between lives. I didn't know much about LBL going in, but Esther took the time to explain our approach and what I might experience. She provided a detailed questionnaire in preparation and asked thoughtful questions before guiding me through the two-piece session. As we progressed, I came against some challenging and emotional experiences through which she expertly guided me. Esther took the time to ensure we removed any and all necessary blocks in our first session to support a successful follow-up to visit in-between lives.
Having previously completed two past life regressions with Esther, I was intrigued to revisit those past souls as my soul family in the spirit realm, it was a heart-warming reunion.
I also came to understand a number of life questions through our journey. While I am still personally processing everything we uncovered - it was a lot! - I am incredibly grateful for Esther's continued support and guidance. She has deeply impacted my life with her work, and I offer my highest recommendation.
- Nicole H. USA

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