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Finding Purpose & Healing Through Past Life Regression

If you’re looking to discover your life’s purpose, to find emotional and physical healing, to release your fears and to create more meaningful and loving relationships, to cultivate a deep sense of happiness and peace, to empower yourself and receive answers about your future, then past life regression is for you!

Esther will guide you through a truly transformative session during which you will explore one or more past lives related to a theme in your life. You will receive new insights and answers to questions you may have, allowing for energies and beliefs that no longer serve you to be released and profound healing to occur. Esther’s passion is to help you clear the blockages that stand in the way of manifesting the life you really want and to empower you to realise your full potential and true magnificence.

As an internationally based highly qualified past life regression therapist, experienced Reiki master teacher, yoga instructor and wildlife conservationist, Esther lived and worked all over the world – read more about her regression story:


“Truly Incredible”
Esther is an amazing therapist. Her approach is based on great knowledge and experience which makes you feel straight away that you are with a professional and she has a very peaceful energy about her. You don’t have to be spiritual for the therapy to work as she will guide you to heal the things you need. I tried a session to get to the roots of some addictions I have been struggling with. I don’t have words to describe the experience as it was very personal and truly incredible and only 2 days after the session I felt completely different and was able to quit the addictions I’ve had for many years. I totally recommend you try a session as you don’t have anything to lose, but maybe a lot to win!"
- Andoni N. Spain

“Deeply Moving & Life Changing”
My past life regression therapy session with Esther was one of the most deeply moving, life changing and transformational experiences of my life. Esther is loving, compassionate, intuitive and angelic and she created a safe and calm space for me to regress into my past live. Esther held a safe space and energy for me and very quickly through her love, support and soothing words I was able to enter a deep state of relaxation and allow for my subconscious thoughts to present themselves. Wow! What an extraordinary experience. I could feel the energetic shifts and blocks dissolving through the session and upon opening my eyes I felt lighter, free, I was smiling and completely in awe of this amazing gift and spirit of Esther and the process I had experienced. Esther has a beautiful energy and she is a loving spiritual healer. I will be having more sessions with Esther as the benefits of the healing have changed my life. Open your heart and mind to this healing therapy and see Esther. She is a truly remarkable woman!"
- Anna M. Australia