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Past Life and Regression Therapist


Other locations: Austria, Vienna

English, German

Offers therapy in person


Phone: +41 (0)44 586 10 44


My greatest joy: To see people walking on their path to fulfil their life purpose.
At certain times our path seems to stop and something makes it difficult to proceed. We might hit these hindrances again and again no matter how hard we try to resolve it. You might face a physical symptom, emotional pain, mental or spiritual blockages.

My work: To guide you beneath the surface of your conscious awareness; to go to the source of the issue, to rediscover, understand, heal and integrate "wounded" parts of yourself. In a relaxed and comfortable and trusting space you get in touch with deep unresolved memories, which influence your life of today.
Jana Grossmann is a certified hypnotherapist (NGH, DVH) and holds international diplomas in hypnotherapy (APHP). From the beginning Jana has specialised her praxis in all kinds of regression therapy. She has been certified as past life regression therapist by the Holistic Healing Center, Paul Aurand, New York and also holds the diploma in regression therapy by the Past Life Regression Academy, Andy Tomlinson., UK.

To complete her professional abilities she went through the intense training to be able to guide her clients competently into the afterlife. Jana is a Life between Lives™ (LBL) therapist trained and certified at The Newton Institute for LBL Therapy, New York, for many years.
Jana is not working only in Switzerland, Germany and Austria but also travelling to many other countries where clients, groups and institutions seek her help. Sessions can be done in German and English language.
Even so most of her clients are adults Jana loves working with young people. She trained with Christine Alisa, NL, for Regression Therapy for Children and Adolescents.

My spiritual work: All my life I was interested in eastern philosophy, dance and meditation. I am studying the Ageless Wisdom Teaching since many years and holding classes in joy and meditation. I am an active member of the "BIG - consciousness orientated association e.V.", a non-profit-organisation based in Germany.

My social engagement: In my free time I am supporting a refugee project near the Syrian boarder - “The forgotten children of Syria” - providing a home and education to victims of the war. I am also member of the federal association child hospice e.V. in Germany.

What makes me happy: I love having nature around me, walking in the forest, reading, meeting friends, but also being just silent. I love my cup of coffee in the morning and a good cup of tea.

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