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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist



English, Maltese, Italian

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone:+ 356 99725566


Have you ever wondered about life or the afterlife? Have you ever wondered if you have lived before, or even entertained the idea of reincarnation and past lives? Maybe meeting someone for the first time, but somehow you feel like you have known them forever. Maybe a Country or a culture that you know nothing about, but somehow you feel a connection with... It was a great mystery to me how some things in life did that to me. A place that I visited for the first time, but felt like I had been there before, a person that I had never met before, but somehow felt so comfortable with... something that is supposedly new, moves emotions inside of me that are so familiar, so comforting, so natural... that I cannot not wonder, if it is truly new to me, or have I known it before, in a life far beyond this?

Being at a point of loss and disconnection in life, led me on a searching journey of self-discovery, that shockingly to me, led me not only to my current life issues, but far beyond to issues, carried on from lives before. Through this journey I lost my fear of death and I found freedom and understanding of myself, my life and my path. This journey led me on a path of growth and learning and to ultimately work with regression. This work has allowed me to dig deep within myself, to heal and build a stronger and happier me.

With Past Life Regression, you can revisit memories and heal the root cause of a present situation, understand karmic patterns, understand current relationships and release blocked energy. You can go back to previous lifetimes for the purpose of understanding what makes you, who you are today. In regression work you can visit, heal and understand trauma which may still be carried in your current life or physical body.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression, takes this experience to another level where one can experience a higher perspective of their current life and purpose. For those seeking a spiritual journey, Past Life Regression and Between Lives Spiritual Regression leave you with a changed view about life and death and give you a deeper and clearer spiritual insight.

My path and work is to facilitate the journeys of those seeking Past Lives Regression, Current Life Regression, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Inner Child Work or other help on their unique paths. I am here to facilitate and help you gently on your paths of self-discovery, in a compassionate, gentle, safe and non-judgmental environment.

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