Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


Paris & Arcy-sur-Cure

English, French

Offers therapy in person


Email: k.gibbons@orange.fr
Phone: +33 608 338992
Website: http://www.regressiontherapie.com


From a background of having a past life as a child, Kathy is embarking on her own journey of research and exploring her past life as a young adult. She has written extensively about them and how they have impacted her present life.

Kathy is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Past Life, Life Between Lives and Regression Therapist and has a practice in France.

At the age of three Kathy had her first reminiscences of a past life that led her, as a young woman, to research and explore memories of past lives. She has written extensively about her own past lives and how they have influenced her current life. In 2006 she graduated in England from the Academy 'Past Life Regression Academy' in regressive therapy and also in hypnotherapy. Kathy offers a regression technique to discover your past lives as well as hypnotherapy.

Kathy has also recently received her BSc(Hons)Psy – Dip Psychologie(UK)