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> I work as a personal development coach, using the tools of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and the Life Between Lives to help people to reach their full potential. When I am not seeing clients I teach Clinical Hypnosis to Medical students in Universities all around the country including Oxford and Cambridge. I also run workshops in Empowerment, Self Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Creating your Fabulous Future.

I am very passionate about helping people to change their lives for the better and my experience through the years has taught me that the answers to most problems lie within the individual, accessing the unconscious realms allows for this information to emerge and solutions to be found. Journeying into the Past enables you to discover the origin of blocks to success, negative beliefs and patterns that continue to be repeated. Once discovered and dealt with appropriately this can allow for profound insights and moments, where current life issues begin to make sense and problems can be resolved.

Travelling into the future can reveal your probable futures if you continue to live your life in the same way and can give you the opportunity to see how changes could bring you greater success and more joy in your life. It can also show the potential that the future may hold and encourage you to reach for your dreams.

One of the most powerful and enlightening of processes is the journey in the Life Between Lives, in this session, which can take between 3-4 hours, you get to access the spiritual realms following your most recent past life and make contact with spirit guides, soul group members and meet with the Elders or the spiritual Masters. From this higher perspective you get to discover your current life purpose and goals and the contracts that you set up with key soul group members before you arrived; helping you to make sense of your relationships and the challenges that you may have been experiencing and allowing you to release any unwanted negative thinking, emotions and beliefs about yourself and the people in your life. The experience is always unique for each person and provides you with insights and information, often in an unexpected but enjoyable way, that you need to help transform your life as you move forward on your own personal journey to success

I would be delighted to take you on a journey into your inner world so that you can learn more about yourself and the wonderful life you have yet to live.


It was inspirational, I am now totally focused and my whole life is a crystal clear picture. You played a big part in that and I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU. Be happy.

An illuminating experience. Thank you for taking me on this journey. PS. I feel really excited now.