Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Cambridgeshire, Doddington near March


Offers therapy in person


Email: louise.rhodes8@gmail.com
Phone: 07837 339 887


Hello my name is Louise Rhodes. I am a Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist. I offer Past Life Regression Therapy, Current Life Therapy including Inner Child Work, Past Life Explorations, Spirit Release, House and Space clearing and support for those in Spiritual Emergency. I am also a Channel for Light Language, which can be used for personal therapy or group healing and activations.

I have had an interest in spirituality all my life. My mother used to work platform at spiritualist churches in the West Midlands and would take me with her. She considered me to be a gifted healer from an early age and encouraged me to do healing with family members from the age of seven, teaching me some techniques she learned in her circle groups at the spiritualist churches.

My schooling and university studies however took me down a more scientific path and I worked for the Forensic Science Service for 19 years as a forensic analyst and expert witness. It was only on receiving redundancy in 2011 that I turned all my hobbies into jobs and returned to my spiritual roots.

As a regression therapist my main focus is on empowering my clients to uncover the root cause of their problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. I feel this brings not only a more rapid and complete healing but allows understanding of the infinite potential that lies within each and every one of us. I passionately believe that the capability to fully heal any emotional or physical problem resides within everyone and my job is to simply guide my clients to uncover the power to heal within themselves.

On the rare occasion that clients are unable to access past life memories, etc. I can provide energy healing as an alternative and I am able to take myself into the client’s past lives, and even current life traumas, to help release energy and send healing to their situation.

If clients are unable to get to me in Doddington I can offer intuitive remote healing sessions via phone or video messaging services such a Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. For this I make use of my channelling abilities whereby inter-dimensional energies work through me using light language to clear blockages and provide healing on many levels including past life healing, spirit release and using codes within the light language to aligning the client with their life purpose, etc.

I am dedicated to continuing my professional development, also training in more conventional healing methods such as counselling and psychotherapy as well as continuing to develop my channelling skills by attending workshops in this field. One of the main areas of work I feel drawn to is spirit release as the research that can be done in this area is never ending. Every day, I feel that I am growing and learning something new from each client I work with and for this I am truly grateful. I am enthusiastic about all aspects of my work and hope that by combining lots of skills I can adapt my sessions to suit each individual client. Just as each and every client is unique, so are my therapy sessions. There is always a new discovery awaiting.

Whilst most of my work is done from my therapy room in Doddington near March, Cambridgeshire, UK. I do also offer remote energy healing via phone or video messaging services. This is particularly effective when channelling higher energies and working with light language. I also work the Mind Body Spirit circuit and do talks, demonstrations and group light language activations. I offer taster treatments from events and festivals across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, and into Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


'I have no pain and total mobility!!!!!! I honour you and your work, I have been totally transformed! Everything has been released: emotion, mental, physically and past life. I send you so much love, prayers and gratitude.'

'I had a taster session today with Louise of past life regression including energy healing with her channelling. You have to experience it to truly appreciate it! I have come away today feeling very clear and calm it’s hard to explain but loved every strange moment of my regression. I will definitely look at coming for a deeper session.'

'Wonderful experience today with Louise. A past life regression has brought clarity about certain aspects of my life and strengthened me in terms of how I will respond to situations in the future. Fascinating and illuminating. Louise is friendly and welcoming, her work is super-intuitive and professional. Thank you.'

'Morning Louise - well, it took me a little while to fall asleep last night but when I did I slept right through. No pain woke me up as it had been doing. This morning my whole body feels very flexible and somehow lighter. My skin feels incredibly soft too! The whole of my right, back shoulder blade has lost the ‘digging pain’ which has plagued me for several days and the ‘tightness and pain’ under the right armpit has all but gone too. I’ve got a buzzing ache still on the outer part of the upper right arm but am expecting that to go within the next day or so, since I know that healing of this nature continues. I thought the session last night was somewhat mind blowing - on all levels - I felt for you as you ‘cleared’ on my behalf, some of it appeared to be horrific! Your work with Anna is a privilege to experience.'

(Anna is the main channelled, interdimensional energy that works through me and uses light language for healing)