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Past Life and Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

London - Central
Other location: London Southeast


Offers therapy in person


Phone: +44 7773 019059


Mary-Clare is an experienced and qualified multi-faceted therapist and has been practicing in both South Africa & London UK since 2015. Her therapy training began in 2013 where she qualified in Reiki Healing.
Teaching and Leadership in schools across London & Europe, gave great scope to develop her knowledge, understanding, experience, empathy and deep intuition of those around her. Mary-Clare has always been committed to helping others either through teaching, leading or therapeutic techniques to build confidences, self-love, gain a healthier way of life through positive thinking, re-programming the mind, facilitating your body to self heal and to guide others towards their true life purpose, heal and become still.

After experiencing Regression Therapy as a client, Mary-Clare discovered the miraculous benefits to healing and transformation and continued to train in this area of healing, becoming a talented and intuitive Regression Therapist.
She is also a qualified Body Stress Release Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Spirit Release & Energy Clearing Therapist, Reiki Therapist, Meditation leader and a Permaculture Design Teacher.

Working intuitively with every client she creates a safe, supportive experience, facilitating healing and transformation.

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Mary-Clare was so kind and welcoming, and her voice was relaxing. I immediately felt at ease. At the time of the session, I was six months pregnant and decided to release some emotional baggage around parental neglect. Mary-Clare gently led me into the regression, navigating me to the root of my pain. Our session was so powerful and exceeded my expectations! I cried a lot, and she held space for me perfectly. I was so at peace by the end of it, and this lasted throughout my pregnancy. Additional results were close to immediate; family members got in touch, and because of Mary-Clare, my son has a beautiful relationship with his grandparents. If you're considering PLR, I would highly recommend her. What she has given me is priceless.
- Sophia Myambala, Naturopath & Herbalist

I experienced regression therapy with Mary-Clare recently, which was such a wonderfully transformative experience. Although I'd never had this type of therapy before, Mary-Clare guided me through seamlessly. Her caring nature and attentive manner really put me at ease. I was amazed at how she guided me to access parts of myself I didn't even know existed. The session was carried out in a calm and sensitive way and I came away feeling much lighter and more positive about the world. I would totally recommend everyone tries this therapy at least once to clear any blockages in their life! Mary-Clare is such a powerful and intuitive healer, she goes above and beyond and you can 100% trust her. I look forward to coming back for another session soon.
- Isabel

The sessions I had with Mary-Clare included Inner Child Therapy and Past and Current Life Regression Therapy. Mary-Clare was able to help me release a lot of past trauma and gain a new understanding of things. I will forever use the tools she taught me to cope with any present and future situations.
- Nicki

From the moment I met Mary-Clare for regression Therapy, I immediately felt safe and comforted. The information I received in the sessions was vivid, meaningful and deeply healing. She took her time to talk and understand my personal experiences in a very gentle, loving and compassionate manner. Her intuitive guidance and support have helped me move into a much more meaningful way of life without the fears and doubts. Thank you Mary-Clare what a blessing!
- Tamara.

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