Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


North Carolina, Charlotte


Offers therapy in person and virtually


Phone: 412-526-6029



I'm Melanie McDonough, a hypnotherapist specializing in both clinical and spiritual hypnosis offering sessions remotely from anywhere in the world and in person sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is one of my greatest passions to help others succeed, grow and overcome their personal hurdles by helping clients to access their subconscious minds and higher selves. While living in Charlotte, I discovered the power of hypnosis and guided meditation and chose to leave a career as a civil engineer to pursue hypnotherapy.

Since then, I have seen so many lives improve and change for the better with hypnotherapy and could not be more confident in this form of holistic healing. I pride myself on being professional, kind, empathetic and intuitive and always ask the universe to send me those clients that I am able to help.

It is my honor to help every client that walks through my door by listening in depth to each of their goals and tailoring personalized sessions to address all of them. I offer clinical hypnosis sessions for things like anxiety, depression, low self worth, negative habits, fears, pain etc. I also offer spiritual hypnotherapy such as womb regression, past life regression and between lives spiritual regression.

On top of seeing clients one-on-one I am also a speaker, hypnotherapy teacher and offer group events & workshops. I look forward to connecting!


“I was hesitant at first to do such a spiritual session over zoom and wasn't even sure if I could be hypnotized but Melanie assured me that its a normal, natural state of being and then listened carefully to my goals for the between lives spiritual regression and all I can say is WOW! I connected with my guides, my soul family and even my higher self and have a good understanding now of my life purpose and what direction to take my career and relationships. I got answers to all of my most important questions. Hypnosis is my new favorite healing modality!” - Quincy L

“I still can’t believe how much better I feel. At the end of the summer I was on the verge of a breakdown from depression and stress. I was so used to it for so so long (years) and couldn’t take it anymore. Now after regression therapy, my depression from multiple sources/events is gone. Stress; way down, no big deal. This made it easier to work on other issues like quitting vaping and I’m now nicotine free!

I can’t thank Melanie enough for what she’s done for my mental/emotional health and how invaluable it is to my happy, healthy future.” - Kara M

“I had a wonderful experience during my past life regression therapy. It was very calming and she was very forward with the whole process and what to expect during hypnosis. It was a life changing session and it answered many questions that I have been bothering me spiritually and physically. it was an overall amazing lesson to be learned and I would recommend and check out her other therapy sessions as well.” - Robert B.

“This session came at the perfect time! Melanie offers such an inviting space, and allows you to become fully comfortable with her and your intentions prior to the session beginning. In just one session Melanie helped me review and release something that I didn’t even realize I was still carrying from nearly 14 years prior. Subconsciously I was able to process my way of being and recognize habits that I’m trying to change, where they began and why I developed them in the first place. With one session already being so profound, I can’t wait to see what the rest will yield! 10/10 recommend Melanie’s services for anything you’re navigating in life right now!” - Mack G