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Past Life and Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Other Location: London


Offers therapy in person


Phone: 07794 335569


Hi, my name is Meriel and I am a qualified Regression Therapist. I discovered regression whilst dealing with my own personal issues using shamanic practices. I found the benefits so helpful that I was inspired to train as a therapist. I wanted to assist other people to embark on their own life and soul's journey.

For many years, and like so many people, I had worked in an office environment. In my late 30’s I had what I like to call a 'positive midlife crisis': I knew things had to change and I had to be pro-active in achieving that. I became a yoga teacher, took my love of massage to a professional level and used my natural, intuitive touch to become a holistic body worker. My over-arching objective was to develop my innate healing abilities to help others in whatever way I could.

What I can offer as a Regression Therapist, and through all other aspects of my work, are an ability to create and hold a space for you so you are empowered to heal yourself from within. I have done this for myself when dealing with my own major life issues and I believe this has given me the necessary understanding and - most importantly - compassion to assist others in this process. Regression has played a significant part in getting me to the point where I can at last say wholeheartedly that I now enjoy and appreciate life, whatever it throws at me. I would now like to do what I can to ensure everyone else is able to say the same. ​


'I had two regression sessions with Meriel which tackled some major blocks I’ve had in my life for a long time. I didn’t know what to expect at first but Meriel made me feel relaxed and explained the process well. The results have been extraordinary. I’ve been able to let go of issues that other types of therapy have only scratched the surface of. I’d recommend Meriel to anyone who wants to move on from trauma. She’s bold, warm and brilliant, and a natural healer.' - Sarah, London

'Meriel provided such a safe and supportive space for our regression session, she helped me to explore my fears around stepping out into a new career role and “speaking my truth” and I am now so excited about moving forward into the next stage of my life! I would absolutely recommend trying regression therapy if you are feeling at all stuck in any aspect of your life and Meriel is a wonderful soul to guide you through it.' - Kirsty, Kent

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