Past Life and Regression Therapist


Ankara, Çukurambar

English, Turkish

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: 199 788 627


I was born in 1967 in Igdir and I have been living in Ankara for 22 years. Graduating from Gazi University Public Administration Faculty in 1989 and have been working in the finance sector for about 22 years.

I have attended many seminars about various spiritual subjects and been educated in Reiki, hypnosis, otohypnosis, breath therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and coaching skills.

After becoming a master of 11th Generation Usui Reiki, I worked as a consultant by using energy therapy techniques and have also written articles for a few internet sites.

In 2006, during a breath therapy, I experienced going into one of my past lives. Since this time I have been interested in Regression and after my experience I wholeheartedly believe that Regression therapy can help people by giving them the power of problem solving and how to cope with them.

I have been trained by Diba Ayten Yilmaz at the Radianced Training School in 2011.

In order to improve myself much more within this area I continue to attend the advanced level regression therapy training and International Congress.

You are not alone while experiencing your problems…