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Past Life and Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Cornwall, Saltash


Offers therapy in person and online


Hi, I'm Rachel. I offer tailor-made therapy sessions to clients who are seeking help to heal and transform blocks and challenges.
I trained with the internationally acclaimed Past Life Regression Academy® & I am a qualified and insured Regression Therapist, including Past Life and Current Life Regression and Inner Child Healing. I am also a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. I have a background of working in education and community arts with people of all ages. I am a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.
My work is to guide and empower clients, through their healing process, to experience more energy, greater freedom, and increased well being. This can also lead to a deeper connection with the inner self and one's true resonance.
I work with clients who feel stuck with symptoms, patterns or situations and are unable to move forward, and with clients who have experienced loss in different ways. I am honored to work with clients who have experienced childhood traumas and abuse, including sexual abuse.
I began my interest in complementary healthcare in my mid twenties. Twenty-five years later, I still find soul growth and expansion in these challenging, yet amazing and auspicious times, incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I feel blessed to be working with such brave and amazing clients. I am a firm believer that nobody needs ‘fixing’, however there are times when we all may need that bit of extra guidance & support to navigate through challenges and bring more of what we truly need into our lives.
My passion is to inspire and facilitate hope, healing and transformation in others, rekindling a lightness of being. I provide an ethical, confidential and compassionate service. Please refer to my website for further information, and do get in touch if you would like some assistance. It would be an honour to work with you.

“I was referred to Rachel's therapy practice seeking to overcome difficult emotional issues and trauma from my childhood that were affecting all areas of my life. Immediately I felt safe and nurtured and was taken on a journey that can only be described as life-changing. Rachel is a gifted and skilled therapist who has been pivotal in my healing journey and I am looking forward to working with her again.” Anna B.

“Rachel is such a wonderful person to work with! Gentle, patient, encouraging, understanding and extremely caring. I found Rachel was always sensitive to whatever came up during our sessions, and made sure that I was comfortable and okay with everything. Meeting my inner child was mind blowing, it helped shift so much stored up emotion and trauma. I cannot quite put it into words how incredible the experience was. The sessions were extremely profound for me, including meeting my future self. They cleared and clarified so many things, which resulted in my well being improving, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” J. J.

“I have known Rachel and worked with her for a number of years. She is one of the most gentle, compassionate and insightful people I know. Through her own healing journey she has developed a profound ability to hold space for her clients to reach deep within themselves. Whilst being her client I always felt safe, nurtured and when needed gently guided to greater depths of spiritual understanding. Nothing seems to shock Rachel, I was able to discover and reveal my deepest darkest shadow aspects that were crying out for acknowledgement and love. This is true healing and Rachel is a gifted healer.” Lucy J.

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