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Hello friend, my name is Rick Jansen, certified Regression Therapist, and it is my joy to help you rediscover the beautiful, radiant and wise child that lives deep inside of you. Though I focus on inner child work, when it appears I work as well with past life memories.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation as I was several years ago… feeling that there is more potential to life, experiencing a certain stuckness and limitation by negative thoughts and behavioural patterns. Possibly combined with an intuition that ‘your little one’ from your childhood is asking for attention. I hear you and I am with you.

The fundamental principle of Regression Therapy is to find and transform the source of a present challenge in unresolved experiences from the past. During childhood we may experience trauma – an aspect of life that is deeply painful and sometimes quite unbearable. This can have a significant impact on the way we experience and be in our day-to-day adult lives. But we don´t have to stay stuck there.

Through a process of embracing the emotions, gaining deeper understanding, shifting perspectives and releasing the charged memories transformation happens. The work is done on a somatic, psychological and spiritual level. Old negative beliefs are being replaced by life-affirming ones. Your vital life energy unblocks and finds its natural way again. Your natural well-being restores itself. This leads to an empowering shift in your day-to-day life.

What I hear back from the people I work with is that they feel my attunement to them and to the moment. A natural safe space is being experienced, where emotions and vulnerabilities are welcome. I work intuitively and often the experience of a session is expressed along those lines:

“When you asked that question, it was like a key that unlocked a door, into new depths where I needed to go for healing.”

I am like a detective with you on your inner journey, finding the right key, to offer it to you as the ´right´ question, as a catalyst for your healing and transformation. It is a beautiful and effective process. It would be an honour and joy to be a guide for some steps along your path.

It is possible to work with me from wherever you are, online.
If you are in or around Barcelona we can work as well in person.

I´d love to hear from you.

Rick Jansen


"Rick is great at getting to the core of the issue making you confront memories that were too painful and repressed in a gentle understanding way. It is thanks to his guidance that I was able to see the past in a more understanding light, beyond the shame and guilt that I felt before."
- Wajid (England), summer 2020.

"My objective was to overcome my lifelong fears and anger concerning women. After a few of Rick’s sessions I found that I had renewed my relationship to my late mother, grandmother and other women in my life to be one of love. I understand now how my inner child decided to adopt coping behaviors which turned out later in life to be destructive."
- Wayne (Canada), spring 2020.

"Rick is a professional guide. From my heart I thank you for your attunement, softness, safety and all ingredients that helped me to surrender to this process."
- Els (Netherlands), spring 2019.