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Past Life and Regression Therapy Training

Advanced training opportunities including between lives regression, advanced hypnosis, energy clearance, pioneering the new consciousness and train the trainer through the Past Life Regression Academy for SRTA members and established therapists.


Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training


Learn to guide a person directly into their soul memories between lives and experience first-hand the continuum of soul energy, and fully understand their life purpose. This also includes working with non-human resonant souls.  The requirements are a hypnosis certificate and a Regression Therapy Diploma. The course fee is £650.


Internet classroom dates for 2024

May 1st to May 5th 2024 November 20th to November 24th 2024

Also home study between lives spiritual regression training is available.




Advanced Energy Release Workshop


Learn how to use the energetic vortex and other energy techniques for quickly clearing a wide range of intrusive energy. This includes psychic attacks, curses, black magic, thought forms, elementals, obsessive spirit attachments and energy from other dimensions and planes of existence. The requirements are spiritual permission to attend. The course fee is £300.

Internet classroom dates for 2024

21st to 22nd September 2024, and 2nd to 3rd November 2024



Spiritual Emergency Training


When a spiritual emergence happens suddenly and before a person is ready it can be very stressful and overwhelming. They may feel unable to control or cope with what is happening and are bombarded with spiritual information. The workshop is open to any student or therapist and covers the techniques to handle a spiritual emergency. Course fee is £120.

Internet classroom dates for 2024

30th November, 2024



Pioneering the New Consciousness


Now is the time for souls ready to move to a New Consciousness to raise their vibrations, learn how to harness energies and manifest a different way of living. The workshop is located in Glastonbury, UK the heart chakra of the world. You will experience living for a week in the new consciousness and work interactively with the Council of Beings of Light who are directing the energy shift of Earth. The course fee is £1200.

AVT1 Residential Workshop UK: June 3rd to June 9th 2025
AVT2 Residential Workshop UK: July 8th to July 14th 2024


Advanced Hypnotherapy Workshop

Enhance your Hypnotic skill set with powerful hypnotherapy techniques which are non-scripted. This includes Parts Therapy, Belief Testing, Emo Trance, Colour Therapy, rapid inductions and the Control Room of the Mind. We also look at how to structure your sessions multiple. Lots of swap sessions and an opportunity to clear a few extra layers of personal issues in the process. The requirements are a hypnosis certificate. The course fee is £600.

Internet classroom dates for 2024

Date to be finalised, 2024

Review of Regression Therapy Diploma Training - Home Study

A wonderful opportunity for SRTA members to deepen their knowledge of regression therapy or those who have taken a break using regression therapy and want to relaunch their therapy work.  What you get are:

•    Videos of each lecture in the regression therapy training program

•    Videos demonstrating the key skills for each workshop

•    A video lecture of how to use regression therapy on the internet

The requirement is to have attended the Academy Regression Therapy training.

The course fee is £200.

For more information contact Andy Tomlinson by email:

Train the Trainer- Home Study

The skill set needed to deliver effective therapy training is complex and requires trainers to think critically, interact positively with students and manage complex group dynamics. The training landscape is becoming crowded and trainers need to re-skill to maintain their edge in this competitive market.  Open to any therapists with extensive experience in the subject they wish to train or existing trainers. The course fee is £300.

Advanced Training

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