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Past Life and Regression Therapy Training

Discover opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through workshops led by SRTA members, providing valuable learning experiences and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the professional community.

Channeling – Course of Multiverse Communication


Learn, cultivate and enhance human natural capacity to communicate with Light Beings for purpose of advancing and helping Earth. Become aware of own energy and learn how to adjust and tune in subtle vibrations of Spirit Guides and Light Helpers. With use of deep hypnosis you bring in peace and wake own creative potential, understand the bigger picture your own place in it. You will be able to accompany others on this journey.  Previous training in Regression Therapy and/or Hypnosis, experiences with altered states of consciousness or with other quantum healing modalities is necessary.

6 day Residential Course in South West France, Basque Country, with visiting energy places of the Basque Region. Take an extra day with me for pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Dates: 17 – 22 September 2024

Venue: Itxassou 64250, Maison Izar Ederra, France

Price: 1,190 Euro (course, accommodation, trips)

Trainer: Bernadeta Hodkova


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Bernadette’s Retreat


Journey to healing, understanding and expanding your soul’s capacity, find out how to and bring your soul’s potential to your everyday life. With tools of Holistic Regression Therapy and Spiritual Regression Between Lives with combination of visits of energy places of the Basque Country (cave of witches, path of Camino de Santiago, cromlechs, ocean, mountains and river) for discovering, re-connecting and grounding. Pilgrimage to Lourdes (optional) No previous experiences necessary but experience in RT may be helpful.


Dates: All year round (except July, August) 3- 6 days residential

Venue: Itxassou, 64250, Maison Izar Ederra, France

Price: from 1,028 Euro

Held by: Bernadeta Hodkova


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SRTA Members Workshops 

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