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The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association Members



The  SRTA Members are all professional therapists working with Past Life Therapy, Regression Therapy or Between Lives Regression. All have been trained to the same high levels by the Past Life Regression Academy and work to the SRTA Code of Ethics:

  • Work with love and be true to ourselves and others.

  • Go with the flow of the client and have empathy and compassion as they discover their own answers from their hearts.

  • Treat client information confidentially to create a trusting environment. This trust helps in the healing process

  • Accept responsibility for the client's comfort and well being while they are with us, and give them the space to work on their problems.

  • Have pride in our abilities and draw on spiritual help when needed.

  • Take care of ourselves and continually develop ourselves as therapists. Attend further professional training, regularly clear our energy fields and personal unfinished business.

  • Have joy in our work so the client will feel our lightness to help them relax and be enthusiastic about the sessions.

  • Keep in touch with our colleagues through sharing thoughts and experiences, attending talks and meetings, and sharing new techniques.


SRTA Council 


The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association is managed  by a Council on behalf of its members and normally changed every three years.

Founder: Andy Tomlinson

Sets the direction of the SRTA , manages the operation of the association and funds.








Communication Wizard: Sonia Sarina Birrer

Manages internal and external communication to keep the members connected

and promote it to the outside. Stands in for the president.








Research Pilot: Janna Aidarkhanova

Coordinates research activities for the SRTA.








Manifestor of Events: Daniela Norris

Manages the bi yearly SRTA convention and provides an opportunity for members

to learn new skills and techniques, and meet new colleagues.








Mistress of Files: Jane Williams

Assists in organising the SRTA convention, is the SRTA web mistress, assembles the

newsletters and other administrative work for the Association.


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