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Past Life Therapists

Healing the source of your challenge

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association Past Life Therapists facilitate the deep healing from a past life when people access memories at the root of their challenge guided by the therapists to understand, forgive, and let go. The therapists offer in-personal or internet or past life therapy and work internationally including UK, Europe, Singapore, Asia, USA and Australia. 


The way the soul grows is to experience difficult situations and to master the associated emotions. It is as if the Earth is a classroom for the soul and it goes through life lessons to master them over a number of past lives before proceeding on to the next lesson in a future life. The soul is perceived as being immortal and endowed with all the divine attributes of its Creator.


Benefits of Working with Past Life Therapists

A wide range of medical disorders are treatable by regression. A physical symptom can be a useful entry point to a past life and acts as a somatic bridge, especially if it is associated with a strong emotion such as fear, anger or guilt. Some headaches are connected with intolerable mental challenges while others are related to head injuries in past lives. Some peptic ulcer pains are related to past life experiences of hunger or memories of terror. Neck pains may relate to past life deaths through hanging, strangling or beheading. Even birthmarks are often found to correspond to entry points of penetrating injuries inflicted in past lives.


Irrational fears of all sorts are often, if not almost always, rooted in a past life. They may stem from all kinds of trauma or death from natural disasters in previous lifetimes. For example, hydrophobia has been found to be related to drowning, claustrophobia to death from suffocation, acrophobia to death from falling from heights and phobia of snakes from past life death of being bitten.

Eating disorders in present life are often re-runs of past life memories of starvation, poverty and famine. Sexual difficulties may reflect underlying past life experience of sexual abuse and rape. Unexplainable guilt sometime stems from past life memories of having directly killed loved ones, or from feeling responsible for the death of others. Depression can also sometimes be related to past life memories of unfinished grieving for the loss of a loved one, or despair from war and starvation. Unexplainable feelings of insecurity may be caused by past life memories of separation, abandonment or being orphaned.

Beyond physical disorders, past life regression therapy is effective in many emotional and behavioural disorders. This includes relationship problems, low self-esteem, loss of self-love, low self-worth or a struggle to find one’s life purpose.

Process Used by Past Life Therapists

Past Life therapists generally use hypnosis or an altered state of consciousness. Following an initial interview and clarification of the presenting symptoms, the client rests comfortably on a reclining couch and is gently guided through a breathing and relaxation exercise. As the trance deepens, guided imagery and thematic phrases are used to lead the person into a scene of a past event. The sessions can be in person or by the internet.


Many techniques besides guided imagery are used for connecting the mind to a previous event or past life event. One approach is to let the client focus on a recent memory, and encourage them to say whatever comes to mind, as if the situation is being confronted again. Frequently, a feeling that is represented by a thought emerges on its own. The thought is then used as an important lead for identifying the “bridge” that connects with a relevant past event.

Another approach is to have the client focus on a disturbing sensation in a particular part of the body, and allow the associated imagery and emotion to emerge from that area. As soon as the person’s thoughts, images or emotion intensify with prompting from the therapist, these are followed into a story that emerges in either a past life or an earlier part of the current life. The point of connection with the past is usually the moment at which the person experienced the emotion during that past event, in the same manner as in the present. This provides the portal into a past life memory, which is frequently a distressing event in our present life that awakens an older past life memory.

Once embodied in a past life, the client experiences an identifiable figure, which he feels as another version of him on a myth-like journey in another lifetime. The past life personality will have a life history of its own, waiting to be unveiled by the regression process. Past life therapists guides the past life story with simple, non-leading commands or questions such as "What are you aware of?" "What happens next?" or "On the count of three, go to the next significant event in this life." In this way, they help the client uncover information about the context of the emotion at the source of challenge. 


The reliving of one’s past life experience is akin to viewing a fast-forwarded video-recording of one’s history in that lifetime. As the story unfolds, the metaphorical significance and archetypal imagery of the events of that lifetime are unraveled by the workings of the subconscious mind. This brings insight as to how his current symptoms could have their origin in that lifetime. Once the client is brought back to conscious knowledge of his forgotten experience, the symptom often disappears. This is because recognition of his disturbing feeling as belonging to a previous era dissolves the symptomatic projection. He now learns to put his emotion back into its proper time sequence, and healing takes place.  


An important part is the past life therapist helping a client transform the past life and integrate this is there current life. Factors that have previously maintained the symptoms lose their influence and forgiveness and letting go restores the person to wholeness and peacefulness.

Can a Past Life be Real?

A believer in reincarnation takes the view of the soul having lived many lifetimes in many other bodies previously, and is now on its learning journey in his body in the current life. Clients believing people only have one life may view the past life phenomenon through the Jungian concept of the “collective unconscious” into which they has dipped, to access the vast collective memory of mankind. Or they may take the view the experience is a metaphor, but importantly it comes from their own subconscious mind, and metaphors are a powerful way of allowing people to heal themselves. 

With each new past life insight, the clients attitude towards the past events changes, and this creates a shift in consciousness. This shift may even lead to a change in character traits as they understands where their emotions are rooted, and why they have been holding on to them. This, in brief, is the basis of transformational healing.


A past life can appear to be real to the person experiencing it, and some have proven verifiable when previously unknown events or details have been researched and confirmed. An example of is in the past life book Shrouded Truth by Reena Kumarasingham that shows eight different people’s past lives accounts at the time of Jesus correlate and are confirmed with the latest biblical research.


The Past Life Therapists intent is not to prove the truth of the story that emerges but to use the powerful healing ability of the transpersonal experience. The SRTA Past Life Therapists honour each client’s beliefs just as much as we celebrate each client’s healing.


Past Life Therapists Standards

In many countries past life therapy is unregulated and many people with little or no training claim to be past life therapists. In the absence of state controls voluntary regulation past life training has been achieved in the profession itself with a single worldwide standard and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association members meet and exceed this standard.

History of Past Life Regression Therapy

The idea of reincarnation seems to have its origin in the ancient speculative philosophies of India and is common in Eastern philosophy that people tend to view life as a repetition of eternal cycles and the physical world as illusion.

Denys Kelsey a British psychiatrist was an early pioneer of past life regression therapy. He worked with Joan Grant and published their exploratory work on the value of past life therapy in Many Lifetimes in 1967. It was in the 1970s that regression therapy really took off. Peter Ramster began his pioneering work in Australia, while Hans TenDam led the way in Europe. In 1978, four further books on past life regression were published: Reliving Past Lives by Helen Wambach; You Have Been Here Before by Edith Fiore; Past Lives Therapy by Morris Netherton; and Voices from Other Lives by Thorwald Dethlefsen. These four books had one thing in common, in that they dwell on the symptomatology rather than the spiritual implications of illness.

Over the next decade, there was a shift in focus and a growing impulse among therapists to look at the existential meaning of life. With this paradigm shift, the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies was founded by fifty therapists in 1980. This non-profit organisation was dedicated to holding training workshops, and it established criteria of who should practice regression therapy. It published the first Journal of Regression Therapy in 1986.

Throughout the 1980s the focus of past life therapy continued to shift towards the concept of the soul’s journey. It was becoming clear that where past regression therapy superseded other therapies in terms of effectiveness, it was in the more profound perspective on the meaning of life. 

The First World Congress for Regression Therapy was held in the Netherlands in 2003. In the summer of 2006, the Earth Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh) was founded in Frankfurt. A few years later, Andy Tomlinson, who has been active as a trainer in regression techniques since 2002, founded the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and Norsk forbund for Regresjonsterapi in Scandinavia.

Meanwhile in India, the growth of past life therapy assumed a life of its own. The Life Research Academy was founded in Hyderabad in 2000 under the leadership of medical doctors Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi to promote training. In 2010, Dr. Newton launched the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research, a global association to promote research in regression.

As past life and regression therapy gathered momentum, an increasing need to advance the discipline within the field of Medicine was felt. This led to an informal meeting of an international group of physicians and clinical psychologists in Portugal in April 2013. The Society for Medical Advance and Research in Regression Therapy was thus formed with the aim of promoting research into past life regression.

Image by Ryan Yao


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