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Regression Therapists

Healing the source of your challenge

Regression Therapists of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association resolve the source of any emotionally charged challenge or illness. They honour the holistic principle that a person’s illness or condition reflects a deep emotional wound. Challenges — whether of mind, body, or spirit — do not manifest randomly, but when emotional, psychological or spiritual stresses have affected or weakened the body’s defences.

Benefits of working with Regression Therapists

Regression Therapists help resolving emotions such as anger, anxiety, shame, depression, anxiety, powerlessness, or guilt. It can help with physical symptoms such as phantom pains, headaches, tendencies for repeated infection, allergies, post traumatic stress and other conditions. 


A broad range of medical issues have been effectively treated by Regression Therapists, from, infertility to repeated loss of consciousness, from asthma to autoimmune disorders. The healing potential is as boundless as the range of challenging human conditions.


While the outcomes of regression therapy can manifest anytime from days to months after the session, the healing effects are frequently dramatic and sometimes exceed expectations. It is not uncommon to hear of clients feeling transformed in such a way that the measurable symptoms of their problem disappear completely in a few sessions as research has confirmed. 

Process used by Regression Therapists

Regression Therapists help people uncover the source of their challenge in the current life that can be rooted in a tragic or traumatic event, or a series of events, or in a suppressed and unresolved childhood or prenatal experience. 


As a protective mechanism against hurtful unexpressed emotions, the mind learns to anaesthetise their intensity and block them off from conscious awareness, leaving behind a scar of unprocessed emotional tension. This may spill over in emotional outbursts or manifest physically as a headache, insomnia, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome or some other psychosomatic illness. 


The body always carries the memory of traumatic events and needs to be involved using body therapy integrated in the process by Regression Therapists. The importance of working with body memories to clear trauma has been independently confirmed by psychiatrists including Bessel van der Kolk the Director of the Trauma Centre at Boston University.


There is a physiological imperative for our human system to release stress to restore inner balance, and regression therapy provides the setting needed for this to take place. When clients understand why they are ill, the emotions have been released, and they are able to give and receive love and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged them in their current life it enables healing to take place.

History of Regression Therapy

Sigmund Freud introduced the idea of bringing the unconscious mind to conscious awareness for healing, and has been regarded as the grandfather of modern Regression Therapists. Carl Jung’s use of active imagination has also influenced the development of guided imagery techniques used in Regression Therapy.


n the 1950s, British psychiatrist Alexander Cannon regressed over 1400 patients with symptoms that were not curable by conventional means, observing significant improvement. By the late 1960s and 1970s, the use of hypnotic age regression had become generally accepted by the medical profession. 


In the 1980s Roger Woolger taught the value of working with the body, pioneering the regression technique of combining body psychotherapy with psychodrama to release the traumatic memories embedded in particular body memories. 


In 2013 an international meeting of psychiatrists, medical doctors and clinical psychologists using regression therapy formed the Society for Medical Advance and Research in Regression Therapy.  The Society published its first book, Inner Healing Journey – A Medical Perspective, in which six medical doctors, including two psychiatrists, shared eleven client healing stories using Regression Therapy. 

Regression Therapists Standards

A single worldwide standard for regression therapy has been created by all the leading regression therapy training schools in the Earth Association for Regression Therapy. The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association members meet and exceed this standard.


The  members training is by the Past Life Regression Academy and its regression and past life therapy training is also accredited by the International Board for Regression Therapy and its training program recognised by the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.