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Spirit Release Therapists

Spirit release therapists and energy workers capable of clearing a wide range of intrusive energies including spirit attachments, black magic, curses, dark energy and intrusive energy from other parts of the cosmos.  


Spirit Release


After physical death a person's soul consciousness can remain Earthbound. It may be attracted to the energy of certain people mistaking them for Home. Or they may just be lost and find the first convenient host. This is referred to as a spirit attachment.


Sometimes souls stay on purpose perhaps not wanting to leave a loved one, wanting to protect a family member, or even to try and be involved with an unfinished activity on earth. It may be an unborn baby from a miscarriage or abortion wanting the warmth and love of the mother.  Sometimes souls simply get lost. Whatever the reason it is the therapist job through spirit release to help these souls go back Home to the spirit realms. This is done with compassion and love so is quick and gentle.

Effect of Spirit Attachments


Similar energy attracts similar energy, so a spirit leaving a physical body with anger may attach to an angry living person. A spirit leaving with sadness might find someone who has just lost a loved one and feeling sad. This results in the living person's own emotions being amplified.


Sometimes, spirits who had lived with addictions will seek living people with those same addictions which reinforces the hosts behaviour. In some cases the spirit attachment may bring in an entirely new behaviour such as the desire to smoke or drink.


Often a spirit attachment will drain a host's energy so they feel low in energy, or the difference in vibration between the spirit attachment and the host energy field result in the host having a headache or being very temperamental.


We want our energy to be our own so it is important to keep ourselves clear of uninvited energy guests through energy protection and spirit release for our own health and welfare.




Ghosts are spirits that wander or attach to buildings or areas of land. Just like spirit attachments, they have a reason for staying on Earth. Some may be lost and some stay for a purpose. Some are quiet and some make their presence known loudly. People in their presence will often have a feeling something is not right or have a creepy awareness.


Black Magic and Psychic Attacks


A number of cultural and mystical traditions from many parts of the world utilise black magic or psychic attacks as part of their practices. It's very wide spread in Africa, South America, Asia, Caribbean, Turkey and with the wide spread movement of people it has become a worldwide issue. It involves a person paying a practitioner who projects negative energy like a curse to a named person or project the energy into an object that is sent to the target person.


The signs of a black magic attack are personal and often designed to cause confusion, unfound fears, reverse in fortune, customers to business drying up and various outside forces that attempt to affect their life. This type of attack can also have physical effects, such as depression, weakness, headaches, sickness or other physical symptoms. People that are energy sensitive may feel the presence of the spell worker and the negative energy being sent.


Dark Energy


This is a term for a wide range of unhelpful energies. Dark energy covers spirit attachments with a harmful intent that are difficult to remove, as well as a range of intrusive energies or fragments that have accumulated over many years due to wars, mass torture and even energy experimentation in ancient civilisations.


Other energies may come from other parts of the cosmos and although it may not have a harmful intent it disrupts the energy of the host.


The physical effects can include a weakened energy field, exhaustion, confusion, irritability and lack of motivation. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues.

Spirit and Energy Release Standards


In the majority of cases energy clearance can be done remotely. Sometimes Regression Therapy is needed as well to understand and transform the emotions that were triggered.

The standards are set by the Past Life Regression Academy that has been teaching spirit and energy release training internationally since 2005.

Find a Practitioner


All the regression therapists in the association have the skills to teach energy management and clear spirit attachments that may arise during therapy sessions.


However, clearing the other types on energies is more specialised and requires advanced techniques. Below is a list of very talented energy workers around the world who specialise in this powerful kind of clearing. These energy practitioners can work remotely.



Mona Diaz

Torunn Jackson

Louise Rhodes

Uschi Phuah

Karen Yeoh

Jane Williams

Kavitha GShekar

Wissam Awad

Tracey Harley

Sonia Birrer

Bernadetta Hodkova

Nermin Uyar

Sermin Cetin

Nese Yildiz

Pooja Arora 



Spyros Kapnias Garudananda



Torunn Jackson


Mandarin (Chinese)

Uschi Phuah



Uschi Phuah


Sonia Birrer


Sonia Birrer

Bernadetta Hodkova


Bernadetta Hodkova


Nermin Uyar

Sermin Cetin

Nese Yildiz

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