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Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapists

Profound Spiritual Insights

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association Between Lives Regression Therapists of guide clients through deep hypnotic trance and beyond a past life into personal life between lives and soul memories in the Spirit Realm. The therapists enable a powerfully enlightening experience for the client so they can understand more about themselves as Spiritual Beings and gain a soul-level understanding of their soul companions, teachers, work and life lessons. They offer in-personal or internet between lives regression and work internationally including UK, Singapore, USA. Europe, Asia and Australia. 

History of Between Lives Regression


The history of Between Lives Regression started in the 1980s by psychotherapists who stumbled into the Spirit Realm with clients during hypnotic regression therapy. Through leaders such as Joel Whitton, Helen Wambach, Delores Cannon, Michael Newton they have explored and written about Life Between Lives spiritual experiences, and have shared their work broadly.


Andy Tomlinson, founder of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Past Life Regression Academy, has also conducted in-depth research and shares his findings in the book, Exploring the Eternal Soul.

What Happens with Between Lives Regression?


After experiencing a past life and its death, people often talk about leaving the body and seeing it below. Then being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and energies associated with the physical world to allow them to re-enter the higher frequency vibrations of the Spirit Realm.

Spirit Guides and teachers review the past life with the journeying soul in love, never judgment. The soul comes to understand that the purpose of life incarnate is to learn, and that plans for challenges while earthbound are opportunities to grow. There is no right or wrong way to progress in learning, and there is no punishment or admonishment in the life between lives.

A soul often reunites with their soul group in the Spirit Realm. Those in soul groups work closely together over many lifetimes. Our soul group is our soul family and they show up in our lives, as planned, as our family and friends, as our lovers and teachers, and even as our enemies. People often describe these soul group reunions as a profound experience that feels like "home".

In the between life, a soul will meet the spirits of light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that does not require them to physically reincarnate any longer. These Elders, Wise Ones or great teachers are deeply invested in the journeying soul. In love and compassion, they review the progress of the soul.


They can replay the past lives and discuss any aspect with the soul until it is understood what will be expected in the next life. The soul, often with the help of their Spirit Guide, takes this learning and applies free will to plan for the next incarnation in accordance with their unique purpose.

Between Lives Regression by the Internet


Between lives sessions can be done with the therapists in a therapy room or by the Internet.


For internet sessions you will need is a quiet room free from disturbance, a stable internet capable with upload or download speeds in excess of 5Mb, a laptop with camera built in, and a headset with microphone. This can be checked using


In the internet session you will lay down with you head supported such as a reclining chair or a bed with the laptop or supported tablet on a chair near you with the camera pointed at you and your headset with microphone connected to the laptop. The between lives therapist will help you become familiar with the application used which is often zoom. In case the internet fails the therapist will discuss and agree a backup which may be a mobile switched into silent ring mode.


To get the best reliable internet signal are have your laptop as close to your router as possible. If not try and ensure devices that use electricity between your computer and route such as washing machines are switched off. Also switch off any other computers using your internet and close down any unneeded applications.

Between Lives Regression Therapists Training


Between Lives Regression training standards are set by the Life Regression Academy, an organisation that has been teaching Between Lives Regression internationally since 2005. They must also have completed their training in Hypnosis and Regression Therapy and have developed a wide range of skills that enable them to clear emotional and energetic blocks that could prevent a person’s access to soul memories. They are intuitive, deeply spiritual, thoroughly trained, and highly professional.


Client Experiences


These are typical between lives regression client experiences. More information is in the book Exploring the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson,

"It was an extremely profound experience. It put a lot of what I perceived as issues into context and enabled me to have a look at the bigger picture of my life. It also touched me on an even deeper level. I feel re-connected, I know where I am, I know why I came, I know that the choices I make are perfect and I know that I am loved". V.P. from Salisbury.

"The whole experience was very special, totally amazing and very profound. I have a very positive attitude towards my future and life purpose and have been taking active steps to make changes in my life". W.P. from London.

Between Lives Regression Therapists guide a person directly into the Spirit Realm to reconnect with their divine self, discuss soul progress on a one-on-one with their Spirit Guide and Elders, experience first-hand the continuum of soul energy and fully understand the lessons in this life.

Image by Ryan Yao


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