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Other Regression Therapy Associations & Forums

Together, we shine even brighter.
Earth Association For Regression Therapy

An association of Regression Therapists from different Regression Therapy training schools around the globe. It sets standards for Regression Therapy and has a yearly summer school with workshops on new techniques. 

Society For Medical Advance And Research With Regression Therapy

This is a special interest group in the Earth Association of Regression Therapy led by medical doctors who share the vision to bring about the integration of complimentary and holistic approaches into medicine. It conducts medical research using regression therapy and promotes regression therapy to the medical profession and the wider public. Through research it also contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of regression therapy. 

World Congress For Regression Therapy

An event that provides an opportunity to meet Regression Therapists from around the world, see live demonstrations, attend workshops and learn new techniques. 

International Board For Regression Therapy

An independent certifying board for Past Life Therapists and training programs. 

Norsk Forbund For Regresjonsterapi

This is an organisation of Regression Therapists dedicated to expanding the professional acceptance of Regression Therapy in Norway. It promotes educational and the awareness of Regression Therapy to the general public.

Nederlandse Vereniging Van Reincarnatie Therapeuten

A Holland based organisation that connects professional Regression Therapists, organises research and publishes journals.

The Newton Institute 

A professional organisation dedicated to furthering research and advances in the practice of Life Between Lives based on the work of Michael Newton. 

Association For Regression And Reincarnation Research 

An association to further the research in past and future life regression, and reincarnation, founded by Dr. Newton Kondaveti.

Registers and Forums

The General Hypnotherapy Register

An international register of Hypnotherapists. 

Spirit Release Forum

The Forum is a meeting place for those interested in exploring into the nature of consciousness, with a particular reference into how spirit/soul operates through the mind and body and the therapeutic issues that arise when imbalances occur. 

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