Code of Ethics

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA)

The following code of ethics is based on information channeled from evolved spirits of light called Elders by Reena Kumarasingham.


  • Work with love and be true to ourselves and others. 

  • Go with the flow of the client and have empathy and compassion as they discover their own answers from their hearts. 

  • Treat client information confidentially to create a trusting environment. This trust helps in the healing process. 

  • Accept responsibility for the client's comfort and well being while they are with us, and give them the space to work on their problems. 

  • Have pride in our own abilities and draw on spiritual help when needed. 

  • Take care of ourselves and continually develop ourselves as therapists. Attend further professional training, regularly clear our energy fields and personal unfinished business. 

  • Have joy in our work so the client will feel our lightness to help them relax and be enthusiastic about the sessions. 

  • Keep in touch with our colleagues through sharing thoughts and experiences, attending talks and meetings, and sharing new techniques.